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A marriage with the love of my life turned out to be one where we have separate bedrooms!

Dana fell in love with Mark, who is a banker and eighteen years older than she, at first sight. Dana’s father says Mark is willing to marry her. Dana decides to accept Mark’s proposal and they have a wedding only two weeks later. However, on their wedding night, Mark tells Dana that they won’t share a bedroom. Baffled and hurt, Dana can’t understand Mark’s intentions until he tells her the devastating truth. Their marriage took place because of Dana’s father’s threat to Mark!

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Blackmail marriage 3  3

The heroine has no idea of being a pawn by her own cruel father. He basically dumped her at boarding school at the age of seven after her mother's death but wouldn't even send a card for the holidays. She got to spend her life with her aunt until he got her out of there. The heroine doesn't believe there's an ulterior motive to her father wanting to spend time with her. He has her meet business associates, one of whom she takes a shine too. Her father asks her opinion about the hero and she thinks he's a good man. She doesn't take mind to his choice of words. Then the hero asks her out on dates and she's over the moon. Her father tells her to be more bold in her hopes of marrying the hero and she shows some form of boldness but she tells the hero that she's only marrying the hero if he's willing to marry her. He brings up the marriage and she's all for it. In fact, she thinks it's going to be a loving marriage but there's so much irony in the whole thing. For starters, she doesn't figure out for herself that she loves the hero or even ask the hero if he'll love her and respect her. She's on cloud nine even during the wedding reception even with the new brother-in-law stirring up the pot. Finally, the heroine gets a hard dose of reality and truth when it comes to the wedding bed. The hero tells her about why they got married in the first place: the hero's other younger brother was in a car accident due to being the drinker and driver. It also killed the other passenger. The hero managed to sweep the whole thing under the rug but the father heard all about it. He used that information to blackmail the hero into giving him that loan to save his company. He even used the heroine as the insurance and the marriage as a cover. The hero tries to smooth the whole thing like he'll be her guardian but her pride and heart can't take it. He distances himself from the heroine and she with her 18 year old self doesn't know what to do. She cuts her father out of her life and he's fine with it. Then she meets the BIL and he becomes the confidant she needs in the months to come. The heroine sees him as a friend and a family member but the BIL turns out to be wanting more. He's still a little sore over an incident where a woman he wanted to marry chose the hero over him the minute she saw him and the woman is still in the picture. Of course, the heroine says no to the whole thing. After weeks of little communication, the heroine starts making conversation with the hero and the hero starts making plans to spend more time with the heroine. Then the hero tells her they're going on vacation because the hero's father wants to meet the heroine even though he was agains their marriage at first. Things get tense afterwards what with there being one bed and the BIL is there. He doesn't want the heroine to be with the hero and makes his intentions clear. Unfortunately, the hero overhears and it's cold. Things go from heavy to hot in a matter of minutes between the hero and heroine. I liked what happened the next morning with the heroine telling the BIL, the hero and her are going to work on their marriage but he responds, "I'm not giving up.". Two months later, the father dies and they're all back together with the addition of the OW and the youngest brother. Suddenly, the hero becomes distant and the heroine doesn't know why. Her fears start escalating what with the OW manipulating her way in with acting like the hostess and having a new "goal". Then comes the big fight: the heroine sees the hero and OW embracing and thinks he wants to get back together with her. She runs off in tears with the BIL going after her. He embraces her and it's seen by the hero who thinks she wants to be with the BIL. The hero believes the BIL's words and lets them go. However, his last words to the heroine leave her unable to leave the hero. She runs back to the hero and tells him she only loves him and he pulls her in for a hug along with how much he loves her. The OW recommends the heroine see a gynecologist and we get a happy ending.

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