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It’s almost as if their relationship were whole again!

Olivia must live once again with her estranged husband, Xander. He was in an accident that caused him to lose the past few years of his memory, so he doesn’t remember he and Olivia are in the middle of a divorce. Olivia wants to tell him the truth, but she can’t resist Xander when he needs her so. She fears she may end up losing him twice—she’s reaching out to him, but he may end up hating her all over again! What happened two years ago will never change. 

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it seems alright. 3  3

The story itself is about bringing back two hurt spouses to one another from the pain and isolation of one pushing onto another. It begins when the heroine receives a call from from her soon-to-be ex-husband's employee of the hero's recent hospitalization and amnesia. The man can only remembered they are happily married nothing else, which is really hard for the heroine. She has to maintain this charade that everything is fine with them when their last interaction was him insulting her at the most vulnerable time. What happened? Well, we go back to the beginning of the hero's life. He was conceived when his father forced himself on his secretary. He never supported her and she died when the hero was young. The man acknowledged the hero but that was it. People(mostly women) came to the hero because of his connection to his father but left when they discovered there was no relationship. This had him develop a trust issues with people till he met the heroine showed him the better life. They got married but the hero didn't want kids. Yet, the heroine wanted kids and decided to have kids. Unexpectedly, she did get pregnant and it really set the hero off. However, after their baby boy was born and the hero spent time with changing the diapers, he fell in love with their little boy. He became that happy dad and life was bliss. Sadly, bliss came an end: the family went out for a picnic and when he was playing ball with the hero, the son wondered out too the road and got killed by a car. He died and black hole opened in the hero's heart. The hero blamed the heroine for the boy's death, for putting him through this pain for having a child, for so much. It didn't matter to him that she was in as much pain as he was. He put out for a divorce and they were finalizing the divorce when his amnesia happened. In fact, He doesn't remember the existence of their son and it's really hard for the heroine. Yet, she goes through with it because she still loves the hero. We also see the heroine has been in contact with the hero's father who she would met in order to mend the bond between hero and father and even brought her son for the man to play with. He warns her of the pain should the hero's memory comes back. He jinxes it because the day he said it was the day the hero found the heroine's memorial altar to their son and got back his memories. The heroine comes back to a cold house and hero who leaves in tears. The hero thinks what he's doing is the right thing until he sees the back inscription of a watch that his father gave him but he never looked at. He goes to his father for a confrontation. The father reveals he loved the mother but her constant rejection pushed him to force himself on her (doesn't make it right). He begged her to marry him but she refused and he finally stepped back but he always kept tabs on her. And how he hoped the hero who had just been born wold grow up healthy. His words strike deep at the hero and he breaks down in front of the man. His father comforts him and it a big moment for him. Then the hero drops by the heroine's place out of the blue with ingredients for a meal and an attitude like he was only out for groceries. The heroine lets him have it in a way with downputting herself. He admits his foolishness but no "I'm sorry,". It's enough for the heroine who lets him in and help her cope with the pain. In the end, they're all going on a picnic to the little boy's grave in a way to heal together. The ending is very moving but I did feel some dissatisfaction with the hero never saying sorry.

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I hope the novel be better 2  2

I was interested in the theme. Though this pattern come up frequently in harlequin style. But disspointed at the end, because the hero never say sorry and the heroine still blaming herself. There were many harlequin manga adaptation that left me unsatisfied due to the way its translated visually while the stories can be promising. This is one of it.

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