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My mother told me fairy tales weren’t real…yet now I’m a princess!

One day at a London airport, secretary Natalie encounters a woman who looks exactly like her. She turns out to be the princess of a kingdom in the Mediterranean, and the prince she is betrothed to is a notorious playboy on the cover of every tabloid. Wanting to experience a life of freedom before her wedding, the princess and Natalie decide to switch places temporarily. “This prince needs to be taught a lesson. I’ll put him in his place!” says a resolved Natalie, but when she meets Prince Rodolfo, she is swept away by him…

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The princess and......the princess? 3  3

The story felt rather rushed towards the end with some forms of gaps and the title didn't even match up with the story. It's by chance that both the heroine, secretary to workaholic boss ends up in the bathroom to the princess of a country. Both sigh over their life's woes till the princess thinks up an idea that they should switch places to give each other a break from their realities. The heroine is hesitant but goes along with the whole thing; although, they both must think everything will be the same after they switch again. Not a moment after they've finished changing does the heroine's boss barge into the bathroom and drag the princess out. From then on, the heroine is on her own and dealing with the princess's problems like her fiancee the hero. The hero has a lot on his plate since his brother's death and being named the heir to his kingdom. Unfortunately, his playboys antics of the past and recent present have left the people (mainly his cold father) withholding their faith in him. Not even his fiancee gives him a second glance till they meet again and she lets him kiss her. The heroine of course pushes away and runs off. Then we get the whole discovery with the heroine and princess discovering both their mothers' names are the same and the princess's mother disappeared years ago. They plan to do more searching but it only takes a phone call from the mother for the heroine to get the cold truth. The women pretended that one of the twins she birthed was a stillborn in order to get some sort of payment than disappeared. Yet, she never gave the heroine the motherly love she deserved. By this time, both hero and heroine have fallen in love but the heroine wants to tell the hero the truth. When she does, he doesn't believe her because there was no record of a stillborn. It's all thanks to the father who kept the whole thing hush-hush. Thankfully, things change in a sort of rushed manner by their wedding day. The hero realizes that he's still in love with the heroine and apologizes to her when she's not in her wedding attire. Yet, it turns out to be a ploy with the other twin seeing if the hero truly loves the heroine. Then the heroine's identity is revealed to the father who's overjoyed that his stillborn child actually lived. The father immediately changes it with the heroine marrying the hero and the princess becoming the sovereign ruler of her country. It ends with the heroine telling the hero there will be another celebration coming soon. The story was okay but the whole thing life a a rush and mixture of hopscotch.

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