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My prince has been keeping a dark secret from me…

Sydney had been burned by men twice in the past and regards them with distrust. So with the help of a sperm bank, she has given birth to a son she is raising alone. One day at a mall, she is suddenly called out to by a breathtakingly handsome man named Rule. Initially cautious, she begins to feel an attraction to him as she gets to know him better. Soon she learns that Rule is the prince of a kingdom in the Mediterranean, and out of nowhere he tells Sydney that he wants to marry her! Sydney is too swept away by her romantic fantasy to realize that he harbors a dark secret…

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The hero hits on the heroine at a kitchen shop but she rejects his flirtations. The man of course, doesn’t give up and keeps on meeting the heroine. She tries to scare him off with her past of bad exes and how she’s a single mom via sperm bank but it doesn’t work. He constantly woos her till she finds herself calling their outings dates. Then he tells her that he’s of royal lineage, which spurs her to do a search and learns that he’s possibly engaged to another princess. Of course, she gives the man a chance because he only wanted her to know him as a person rather than as a prince. It’s very understandable. Then he asks her to marry him and it brings up the princess questions. He clears it up but it leads to rather an negative outcome. The hero tells her that he has to get married because of a centuries old law, she walks out of the argument and gets her picture taken by paparazzi. So, the hero rushes back to tell the princess and his parents that he’s marrying the heroine. Next, the heroine travels to the hero’s country where she’s welcomed with open arms plus some serious talk. Just as things are going well for the hero and heroine, she realizes her son is striking similar to the hero. The hero sees her reactions and reveals the big twist: he’s her sperm donor. The heroine believes the hero only got close to her to get his son but he contradicts her statement that he fell her for at first sight. What really proved to the heroine that the hero was serious about her was going by her motto, “The truth is precious”; he would carefully reveal everything to the press. It leads them to have another serious talk, involving some confessions of love. They sway the media onto their side, the princess sends her congratulations personally to the heroine, and we have a cute epilogue with our couple being a family of four.

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