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Looking for her roots, Gina finds an aristocratic Italian family!

Gina found an old wedding photo when she was fifteen. The two newlyweds in the picture were her mother and a man she didn’t know. When she asked her mother, she told Gina that the man was her biological father, Giovanni Carendente. They got married in secret before Gina was born but he died in an accident on his way to his parents’ home to inform them of his wife’s pregnancy. Ten years later, Gina goes to Italy to learn more about the father she never knew. While she’s there, she meets a man to whom she feels deeply attracted. He’s a count and his name is…Lucius Carendente. He has the same last name as her father!

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The end ruined it for me 1  1

SPOILERS (and a good dose of opinion) INCLUDED: I kinda liked this story at first, I mean excluding the standard bed before vows that didn't really need to happen (It did play into the story later, so was at least used in the plot, but the flu would have worked just as well), there were a lot of elements that had been used successfully in the past. I wasn't fond of the hero, but I was willing to let him grow on me. I liked the heroine (and liked her more when she acted like a Countess). The twist here is we have a heroine who has basically marrying a stranger for THEIR sake, so THEY don't lose their title ( a few typos get this wrong... HE gets to keep the title of Count) and everything they thought was theirs, and he doesn't even treat her with the courtesy you would give a business partner. As JAB pointed out, this was for THEIR benefit. Legally she could have just demanded money be sent to her, but I guess that never crossed her mind, so instead, she gets married. But beyond that, it's pretty standard 'it's just a marriage of convenience; he doesn't love me' fare. There is no honeymoon to get closer. He leaves her alone enough to get propositioned during the announcement(/birthday) party while he can be seen hanging out with the OW, the now bumped woman his sister previously, blatantly, put forth as a fiancee. There's no attempt to make the wedding night special, but instead he causes a fight and won't give his new wife a straight answer when she flat out asks him about his previous relationship with the OW (Did you date her? "No" is a word!!! It is a h*ll of a lot easier to say than 'what I did with her before doesn't matter'! Can't you appreciate your new wife is insecure and maybe even JEALOUS???). The OW is STAYING in the newlywed's house as a family guest. She's TOUCHING him, without sanction, in the new wife's presence and literally HANGING on him in 'private'. He goes back to work the next day. All this I could stand knowing this was a 'marriage of convenience' that was supposed to grow into something more. I was looking forward to seeing what turned him around, and then we get to the end. She's in a hospital bed and he admits, 'I know it was a cowardly way to marry you... but I knew you were the only one for me' *Sputter* * gasp* WHAT?!? You coerce her into a marriage she doesn't want because you say you actually love her, and then you treat her like something less than an acquaintance? Seriously? I can get the first part, and that there might have been too little time to plan a honeymoon or vacation (I'm skeptical about that. Not even one day?), but once you got her home, shouldn't it have become your sole goal to woo her over and make her fall in love with you after the fact? Shun the friend! Cling to your bride! Introduce her to your birthday guests! Show everyone how lucky you are at the party! Shouldn't you have excused yourself from the party early and made a show of carrying your bride away to a rose pedal sprinkled bed? Okay, so the OW is a family friend, you don't think twice about her, but when your bride (who is really a stranger to your family) asks, shouldn't you just answer and put her at ease? This might actually be a good time to confess how happy you are that she agreed to marry you and that you are convinced she is the only woman for you! And why is she waking up alone? Why are you in the garden with someone else (who your bride has expressed concern about!)? Shouldn't you be bringing your new bride breakfast in bed and treating her like a queen so she can see how much you love her since you aren't going to say it out loud? But not only does he NOT do any of this, but then, in the end, when she lays out a sobbing confession from her hospital bed, he has the gall to laugh at her! Really? Is her agonized reaction to the whole 'misunderstanding' he caused that funny? Does finally saying 'I love you,' actually make it all okay? Oh, he says 'sorry', but ARGH! A marriage of convenience that grows? That can be a good romance, but this? There is no romance here. It turns out the whole book was just arrogant, callous disrespect and stupidity and somehow I'm supposed to enjoy it because it has a happy ending? No. I don't think so.

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one strong heroine 5  5

i love that the heroine in this book has a backbone and stands up to those who wronged her. first the sister by telling her off and then the OW by completely forbidding her from coming in the estate - despite being jealous and insecure, she stood strong in front of them. i couldn't help but think that maybe it was her father's noble blood running in her veins that made her appear so calm. great read, really enjoyed.

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fine and good. 3  3

The heroine has gone to Italy in order to discover about her birth father since she found out as a teenager that her father was really her stepfather. First day in and both her car and her get sideswiped by another car. Her transportation is kaputt and she heads to the home where the reckless racer was heading. There she meets the hero who has the same last name as her birth father as well as the rest of the family. Her presence is mixed with mother and male cousin being kind but sisters don't share the sentiment. The heroine manages to turn the sister who crashed her car to her side but the older sister wants her out since she she finds her a threat by keeping the hero from marrying her best friend. The heroine does however, keep secret of her father's family's name in response to the mean sister's comments. The hero finds himself immediately attracted to the heroine but she's hesitant about the whole thing. The heroine also learns the hero's family is only the branch family and not the head family that the heroine was looking for. Finally, the heroine gives into a passion with the hero and during their bed activities, the Mean Sister snoops through the heroine's things and finds the wedding photo of her parents. She goes on flashing the whole thing like it's the big scoop to get the heroine thrown out of the house but the hero turns it around that if she is the dead heir's daughter then it's they who will get thrown out of the house. He puts it down the only option as marriage but the heroine refuses for the obvious reasons. I liked how when the sister tried to put blame on the heroine, the heroine turned it around on if the sister hadn't snooped then this wouldn't have happened. Instead of submitting, the heroine leaves back for home. Then she sadly finds out that her stepfather's company is in desperate needs of funds and tries to get the hero's help. The hero states he'll only offer it if she marries him. The heroine doesn't see the other way of just sending her documents that proves she's has rights in order to get the money. She agrees to the blackmail marriage, despite her parents insistence not to do it. When the heroine arrives back in Italy, there's a mixed welcome with the older sister bringing in the friend who should have "married" the hero. I did like the scene where at the party, the heroine is approached by another guy who states the hero is going to cheat on her, so why not do the same with him but she tells him to shove off. The heroine goes against the hero and he takes it the bad way. It puts their marriage on ice and the hero decides to use the OW as a way to make the heroine jealous. The heroine does show who's the boss by kicking the OW when she makes inappropriate comments. Things don't get better till the heroine gets into a car accident. It finally brings about the sit down between hero and heroine. He tells her the Mean sister's getting a lecture and the doctor tells they that they're going to be parents. It's a decent ending.

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