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I want you beside me. Is that too much to ask?

Feeling buoyant after a chance meeting with a good-looking man who helped carry her things through the busy streets of London, Lulu heads off to a medical foundation’s book publication event. At the event, she runs into none other than Kyle, the very same man who came to her rescue earlier that day. It turns out that ten years ago in Uganda, Kyle worked under Lulu’s mother, who lost her life while on a mission there. When Kyle pleads for Lulu to assist him with his next book, she’s struck with grief. She knows that if she falls for him, he’ll eventually leave and break her heart…

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Healing for both 4  4

The hero and heroine have one connection and only one connection: her mother. The heroine has an estranged relationship with her mother who was seen as a saint and best human to the world but a terrible mother and wife to her father and her for never coming home for anything like her husband's funeral. She even calls the woman manipulative, so a lot of hard feelings there. They meet weeks after the mother's death from a landmine and their go-between wants the hero and heroine to work together in making a book. The heroine only agrees when hero pulls her in about the donations that could save the lives of babies through vaccinations. The hero actually ends up staying at the heroine's place where it helps progress her relationship. They start opening up about their lives from the hero's lack of place in the world when his parents divorced till the heroine's mother took him under the wing. The heroine then talks about her teenage experience to Africa that led her to get a disease. It caused her to go deaf in one ear but her mother still never left to see how she was even in recovery. This actually opens the gateway to how the the heroine felt about her mother never coming to visit but sending so many people to their home that there was no space for the heroine who left to live with a family friend. It's quite an emotional rollercoaster but the hero is there to guide her to the end. The heroine starts falling for the hero but she's warned that like her mother, he'll leave her. The hero finally reveals the heavy burden that it was him who was supposed to step on that landmine and not the mother but she took his shift. The heroine gets upset because she thinks the hero was only being kind to her and not acting on his real feelings. She kicks him out, ignores his words, and cries into her dog's fur. Once, she calms down, she reads the last diary of her mother that she refused to read. The words the mother left behind proves to the heroine that she always loved both father and daughter and knew of the heavy sacrifices they were making to help continue with her work. She realizes her feelings for the hero and goes after him, only to find that he never left since he couldn't leave things they were between them. He confesses his love for and so on. It all ends rather nicely.

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