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I lied to set you free, but the lie keeps growing…

The news of Amy’s pregnancy came as a wild disturbance in her life. Two months earlier, she had lost her fiancé in a car accident and was wreathed in grief. The night she found out about his death, she was comforted by her fiancé’s younger brother, Heath, and the two of them crossed a line they should never have crossed. Although she insists that she doesn’t want to be a burden on him, Heath proposes to her after learning she is pregnant with his brother’s child. But though the marriage itself was conceived out of a sense of familial responsibility, the baby was not. The baby is, in fact, Heath’s! How can Amy marry Heath with a lie like this weighing on her conscience?

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It was always him 5  5

The heroine has known the hero's family for many years from her big crush on the older brother to being teased by the youngest of the boys. She gets engaged to the eldest for two years till he gets into a car accident. The one who tells her is the youngest one who turns out to be a hero. The whole thing is a roller coaster of raw emotions that leads to a one night stand and conception. The two leave it at that but the hero is the person who takes her to the hospital when she has her fainting spell. She discovers she's pregnant and he's the first to know but she lies of course about the father being his brother since the man never touched and she doesn't want to burden the guy. The hero is insistent that the heroine marry him to support her and keep the baby in the family. She refuses but he doesn't stop; although, I liked how he respected her decision of not telling the family yet. One of the things I like in this story is that we get to see the hero's point of view like getting to see that he's been in love with her since they were kids (it's why he was teasing her so much). Well, the family figures it out quickly the heroine is pregnant. During this time, the heroine starts seeing the good points about the hero like he stuck it out in helping her family's vineyard when even her fiancee didn't help to the fiancee's bad points. She finally figures out that she was in love with the hero. It also seems the hero and heroine remember the fiancee's bad points like his fidelity. it's actually the heroine's skeleton in the closet. What happened is she caught the guy going out with different women and he wouldn't listen to her wish of not seeing other women. So, she ended the engagement and he took badly with large amounts of alcohol. Their fight was actually right before the brother's accident. The heroine fears she was the cause of the brother's death and wants to tell the hero. However, when she's going to tell him on their wedding day, she almost has a miscarriage that has the hero rushing her to the hospital. During this frightening time, she reveals he's the father of her baby. Thankfully, nothing happens and the heroine gets some rest. During this time, the hero's sister visits the heroine who gives her some insider information about the hero's feelings for her. When the couple is alone, the heroine confesses about her fight with the brother comforting her. They confess their love for each other and plan to redo their wedding. The story ends with them getting married in a church with white roses. I felt the story was very good.

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