Passion Romance SAVED BY THE SHEIKH!

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The night I spent with him was like a dream… I had no idea he was a sheikh!

As soon as she arrives in Hong Kong, Tiffany is mugged, losing her wallet and her passport. She picks up some work at a bar in order to make enough money to pay for her first night in a hotel, where she meets a man named Rafiq. He’s so mysterious it’s as if he’s from another world. Tiffany is instantly drawn to him, and they spend the night together. But the next morning Rafiq concludes that Tiffany was only interested in blackmailing him. Tiffany has never been so hurt by a rejection! Then, three months later, she must walk back into his life with the news that she’s pregnant!

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pretty good 4  4

I really liked the plot of this story. Our main couple meet in a rather unsavory club in Hong Kong. The heroine is serving as a temporary waitress since she was robbed upon arrival. She went through all the proper channels but they were no help. She tried to call for help from her family but her mother confessed her dad was cheating and it was the end of their marriage. The poor heroine didn’t want to burden her mother with news she was stranded in another country with no identity or money. Frankly, I’m surprised the woman didn’t read up on what to look out for when traveling or how to keep your valuables safe on your person. For example, make a copy of your passport (plus visa) and then put your original passport along with some money in a small bag that you can hang around your neck. You put it under your clothes and you’re as good as you’re going to get. Then she meets this woman who offers a quick waitress job and the heroine takes it, only to regret when she sees what the job description failed to entail. However, she meets her knight in shining armor who was brought to the shady place by a business associate (hotel King). The hero can see the heroine is out of place and takes her away. The two do share a hot night but it ends coldly when the hero gets a call from the other woman, accusing the heroine of being some blackmailer/paparazzi hyena. The heroine leaves hurt by his words but takes his phone card. She doesn’t plan on ever seeing him again till three months later. In the next three months, the hero’s father is heckling his two bachelor sons to marry, so there can be the pitter patter of little feet echoing throughout the palace. The hero still can’t forget the heroine and then she suddenly appears with the news he’s going to be a daddy. The man doesn’t believe and replies she’s only after money. Her response is, “Okay, I’m leaving” contrary to his expectation that she would keep on insisting. Her response changes his approach to pressuring her to stay at the palace as a guest. The hero insists on a DNA on the fetus, yet, the heroine refuses knowing the high risk the baby would be in. They head to the hospital and the timing matches up. Now, the hero insists they marry before the baby is born because of legitimacy. The hero secretly plans to obtain custody then divorce her. However, the heroine throws out his initial plans by refusing his first cruddy marriage proposal and his 2nd slightly better one. She confesses her reasoning comes from watching her rich and famous father cheat on her mother. The hero does some more digging, proving the heroine’s innocence. Then in comes the old business associate who’s itching to get his daughter hitched to the hero until the hero tells him that he’s already getting married to someone else in a week’s time. The hero introduces her to his family and states he’s announcing their engagement publicly. The heroine still refuses, using her dad as an excuse until the hero tells her that he wants to marry only her and not her dad. They have a quick and small ceremony and begin life as a new married couple. Things go well and then we get a one day of little crazy. The heroine’s parents drop by together and the business associate comes back with a big scheme to get his daughter hitched to the hero. He tells the hero’s father that he recognizes the heroine from shady night club and how she’s not right for the family. The hero fights back with how the pot is calling the kettle black since he was the man who invited him to that sketchy place in the first place. He even scolds the man for taking him there when the guy proclaims himself as a family man. The heroine and the hero knock the rude guy down but the killing blow was telling the dad the he’s finally going to get his first grandchild. I loved this scene the illustrator drew with father’s weight scale of how the first grandchild outweighed profit. He boots the business associate and leaves to meet with the new in-laws. The hero and heroine have a short open-heart conversation that ends with “I love you” .

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