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The result of sweet temptation is her inescapable marriage to a marquess…

In the middle of Belinda’s wedding, a man’s voice suddenly rings out saying, “Belinda is my wife.” The owner of that voice is none other than real estate mogul and Marquess of Eastershire Colin Granville. On a trip to Las Vegas two years ago, Belinda completely forgot herself and gave in to the sweet temptation of this sexy and handsome man. She ended up saying something incredibly foolish. “If we get married, I’ll sleep with you.” She never would have thought that she would then go on to not only marry him, but actually sleep with him, too… The next day, they'd planned to file for an annulment, but now he’s butting in on her wedding!

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3.5 I object. 4  4

“I object!”, those are the words you are always wondering if you’re going to hear at a wedding. Well, it happened at the heroine’s wedding with the hero who she viva Las Vegas married crashes it(drags her out of the chapel too). This is actually the beginning that started the series. Now, the hero and heroine come from families who have feuded against each other for centuries. It’s all because of one woman who both families portray as either the victim or the harlot. The heroine thinks the hero is ruining to her it all but he’s actually helping her. While she’s harping on the hero with the heroines from the other novels, the hero reveals the whole wedding was a back end business deal between the groom and the heroine’s uncle. Both families are peeved about the event, but the heroine’s family turn out to be the worse with their hypocritical nature. The hero reveals to the heroine that he’s acquired most of her family’s ancestral lands because of the uncle and mother’s poor money management coupled by their luxury tastes. The hero does propose a deal that if the heroine lives him with as his wife for a time period then he gives it all back. Now, here is what I despised the heroine’s family for: First, they label the heroine as an asset who should be shamed for marrying the hero. Second, they blame the hero for “stealing” their family land when the fault lied with them as stated earlier(And they use the hero as the whipping boy for all their faults). Third, telling the heroine to stay married to the hero in order to satisfy their monetary lusts. And this is revealed later but Fourth: the mother trying to get the heroine and the ex-groom together while the heroine is still married to the hero in order to get more money. During this time, the other heroines get married. The heroine and hero negotiate terms and ends up living at the hero’s family home. She meets the in-laws with their barbed tongue but she manages to have to last laugh. It makes a positive impression on both the hero and his sister. As the hero and heroine spend time together, things start going well. That is until the heroine’s mother makes her greedy mistake. The ex-groom tells the heroine privately that he turned the woman down but his appearance puts the hero and heroine at oddsThankfully, the two get outside help in clearing misunderstandings as well as taking courage to express their feelings. In the end, the two confess their love and we have a happy ending.

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