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Corrine has won the chance to have time with the hottest man on the auction block!

Corrine wants a promotion in her company and makes the highest bid to win three dates with rumored playboy Rand Pearson. She just wants someone to escort her to events; that was the original plan. But when the gorgeous Rand approaches, Corrine cannot keep her body still. The so-called ice queen can feel her heart wavering before this new man. But Corrine simply doesn’t have time for romance—she has a goal to accomplish. She needs romance to take a back seat while she spends time with this dangerously handsome man!

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The heroine wins the hero's services at an auction and is employing him to act as her date for a company retreat. She needs it since she's known as an ice queen and more. The hero goes for it and finds himself attracted to the heroine, despite her hard shell and desire to be control of all. However, the hero is able to let her guard down as the hero converses with her. She reveals her past of being abandoned as a baby and how work means a lot. He protects her from a disgruntled employee and listens to her.The heroine becomes close and she takes him back to her place where they have coitus. However, the new morning doesn't go well with the hero leaving and bad words are exchanged. The hero is afraid of relationships after the death of his brother and best friend, both resulting in his alcoholism that he got over first with the best friend and then the best friend's wife when she came for help. However, they still have a business contract. They have this tumultuous relationship for a while with the hero fearing of exposing his painful past of being an alcoholic to the heroine. Finally the heroine takes a chance by confessing her love to the hero and the wish to be by his side. The hero rejects it and the heroine ends their relationship remains. Then the heroine gets into a car accident and the hero is notified. This really freaks him out since it's how his brother died. He rushes over to the hospital and barely leaves her side while she recovers unconscious. She wakes up to the hero's relieved tears. With the whole ordeal over, the hero opens up about his past. He confesses his fears about her knowing his past and then his love for the heroine. The story ends happily with their wedding and a portrait of a family of three.

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