Historical Romance THE BRIDE THIEF

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He will lose his castle and land if he doesn’t get married…so who will this nobleman choose?

After her father is executed for being a traitor, Isabelle is taken in by her tyrannical uncle, who confiscates her fortune. Every day she is abused by her evil cousin. Her only saving grace is her talent for accounting. All her life she thought she was too unattractive and too low of a status to get married…yet she’d always desired Sir Justin. One night Sir Justin, who had come to propose to her cousin, kidnaps her instead. He takes her to a monastery and asks her to marry him. Is this some kind of dream? What is his motive?

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numbers and ladies 5  5

The heroine is bride-napped by her supposed self cousin's fiancée. Yet, he reveals that he's always wanted the heroine since the first moment he saw her and how she defended him against her greedy relatives when they planned to use the marriage to bleed him dry (he overheard them). He also reveals that he knows the heroine is the reason why the uncle has amassed so much wealth thanks to her genius accounting skills. He offers her a deal that he can save her from being misused by the uncle since the day her father was declared a traitor and executed and save her little brother. The heroine agrees and they make it legal just in the nick of time. The uncle tries being forceful then makes empty promises to the heroine about having the female cousin treating her better. The heroine knows better and stays with her husband. The hero takes her to his castle where she's welcomed with open arms and a hero who's willing to wait for her to be ready to be his bride. She also gets her little brother back who's been abused for being a traitor's son and he's warmly welcomed. However, uncle and cousin aren't done and hatch a scheme. The cousin comes begging on their doorstep for shelter because the father has "kicked" her out for delaying her yes to the hero's proposal. They let the serpent in and she gets to work. She starts slowly poisoning the heroine. She tries to seduce the hero but that doesn't work. Then she moves onto the pages who became entranced by her beauty and say nice things about her like why didn't the hero marry her. However, this sparks a fight between the pages and the heroine's brother who knows she's a snake. The hero realizes the discord she's setting and says that she'll be leaving soon but it's only too late. She spikes the hero's drink to make him fall into a deep sleep then sets the stage for the heroine to come upon the hero and her going at it. She panics and has a miscarriage. She decides since the hero doesn't want to be with her then she won't hold him back because he's too kind. She leaves for his brother's place without him saying good bye because it's too hard for him to send her off. Then he's told by the little brother that he's leaving too as well as revealing everything the heroine told him like that night. He realizes the misunderstanding and rides after her. Only he's too late because she's been kidnapped by the uncle. He threatens the cousin to reveal the heroine's location through necessary means. Once, they find where the heroine is hidden, he gets his brothers together to launch a attack/rescue. The uncle tries to use the heroine as a hostage but she escapes and he's captured. The hero comforts the heroine and exclaims it's she he loves only no matter what (evil uncle cut her hair) and has since he first saw her. He reveals the cousin's evil deeds and the talk about the first OW was him being embarrassed of being a young fool taken in by looks and fooled by the OW. It's quite a romantic confession of love from both. In the end, the uncle sent to jail and the cousin is sent to a monastery ( I think a nunnery, because that's what they used to punish women in that time). The hero and heroine have children in the future and we get a happy ending.

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