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He’s a prince and she is the daughter of a gang member. How could it ever work between them?

Janis visits her husband, Mykal, for the first time and is shocked by the size of his mansion. She is also worried. She wants Mykal to divorce her and relinquish custody of the baby she’s carrying. But will he agree to such a thing? Just then a man is carried into the mansion by a medic van. The man is none other than Mykal! He is apparently returning home after being severely injured in an accident. The strong, confident Mykal that Janis once knew now seems completely different. And just when Janis thought things couldn’t get any worse, she realizes he has no memory of her!

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gaps and portions 3  3

This harlequin lost me from time to time. When I first read it; it felt like the whole harlequin story was just a portion and the question that arose only deterred the reader from focusing on the hero and heroine's story when you read it the first time. The chronological summary is the hero and heroine met and marry in secret. However, the heroine is the niece to the mafia who seems to be situated in the military but she gives private information to her spoiled baby brother because he needs to give something to his higher ups. Yet, he tells her that he wants more and she refuses. Their conversation is overheard by the hero who berates her for betraying him and never wants to see him again. She's kicked out and taken by the secret police where she ends up in prison for 2-3 months. Once she gets out, she goes to the hero's place to apologize. She sees the hero in a gurney and learns that he suffered an accident that wiped two years worth of his memory, meaning everything about her. What surprises her even more is learning he's a prince that survived a terrorist attack thirty years ago but he didn't know it and was raised by his foster parents along with his brother. The heroine doesn't believe their marriage will work out because a prince and a mafia boss's niece/foster daughter just won't work out. Then there's the bonus of how her uncle did property damage on the hero's family when the brother got involved with the wrong crowd. She becomes his bodyguard/nurse and gets the gut feeling about the brother. Later the hero asks the heroine a favor; look for his wife because he's got the wedding ring but has nothing to use on finding his wife's identity. After that, she meets the Queen and the both of them make a positive impression on each other. The hero and heroine talk about everything before the hero goes into his surgery and it's a success. Unfortunately, the joy doesn't last long because the brother comes sauntering in about knowing the heroine's Achilles's heel. The heroine holds strong but catches word of the mansion on for sale. We later learn he was given management rights over their inheritance, something the brother didn't take too well. The hero wakes up from surgery and remembers everything about the heroine. He tells the heroine and she confesses the hard parts of her past. She contacts her brother and learns he was the one who snitched on her. He pulls out the apology cries but goes right back to having her cover his back. She learns the hero was looking for her and even confronted the brother on where she might be. When the brother confessed he went mad driving to get her but ended up in the accident. The heroine has had enough with her brother and tells him to wipe his own arse. While, the heroine is away, the brother drugs the hero and the heroine catches him. Yet, he turns the tables and has her arrested. She meets with the Queen who takes her side and starts investigating. When the hero wakes up and learns what happened. He sneaks into the dungeon with the help of his birth mother to see the heroine. He explains he believes the heroine and caught his brother red-handed trying to sell the deed to their family home without his consent. He goes on back to the night he kicked her out and regretted it immediately. He spent 7 weeks trying to find her till he knocked down the brother's door. The two talk things out and the hero says he'll give up the crown if he can't have the heroine with him and she accepts it all. It was an okay story but it was hard to understand the first and second time.

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