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I’m afraid to show my feelings toward the quiet doctor.

Franny interviewed for a maid position, where she met Marc, a brilliant doctor and the godson of her new employer. Franny isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, which is why her new employer was hesitant to hire her, but she ended up getting the job thanks to Marc’s help. She’s beyond relieved that she will finally be able to support her younger brother, who’s in med school, and their sick aunt, who raised them. Despite her relief, however, Franny keeps running into difficulties—thank goodness Marc is always there to help. How can Franny not fall for his kindness?

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same hero but different heroine 4  4

If you have ever read Betty Neel's books, we have the stoic hero who becomes attracted to the heroine for her personality rather than her looks. Then we have the heroine who can be as sweet as pie but also doormat, a pushover, or someone who lets people walk all over her. The heroine in this one was one of the most boldest heroines in the Betty Neels. I mean, I was shocked, impressed and cheering for her. I mean she talked back to the people in the right time and place. For example, the hero's godmother who hired the heroine after her maid suffered a kitchen incident where she accidentally cut one of her major arteries. During these couple of weeks with the heroine working for not only her but also a second job and looking tired. The woman being a snobby tiresome creature would make petty insults and the heroine took it because she needed to support her brother and beloved aunt. Then when the woman is chastising the returned maid for wasting her time at the hospital like being late, the heroine scolds the snobby woman for her words. One of the things that I liked about the hero is that taking the gentle front in supporting the heroine's opinions. He did just that in front of his godmother for her to take back her words. Then he meets the heroine to drive her to places and meets with her family. Then the heroine finally gets fired from the woman and things get hard for the heroine to support her family. Then guess who walks in; the estranged uncle who dangles the carrot of helping the family. Despite the warning signs, the aunt goes with it because she sees her poor niece's exhausted state. Unfortunately, the carrot is a rotten thing. The shallow, arrogant, and inflated uncle has had it out for his younger sisters since they were children because they fought back from his bullying that resulted him getting some humiliation and he's held onto that for years. He's even taking it out on the heroine as a replacement for her mother. He "imprisons" them but they can leave but with how exhausted the heroine is from her previous jobs, housekeeping for the man for free, and worrying about everyone but herself leaves her little time to think an escape plan. Thankfully, the hero and her brother come to the rescue with taking her out of the house with the solid reason of the hero marrying the heroine. When they're situated, he brings up the marriage as one of convenience since the uncle won't give up. Although, his proposal was kind of crummy since he used the words and I quote, "I never wished to marry a beautiful woman,". That was so bad, hero!!!!! It sets the hero and heroine's inner relationship back for bit. This goes on for quite a bit with the two working around each other and figuring out how to voice their feelings along with discovering the other person's feelings. This happens even after they get married (kind of had a shotgun wedding, since he didn't notify his family of the wedding). It finally takes a party at the godmother's house for the heroine to finally confront the hero on his feelings for her. She confesses her love for him and he confesses his love for her but was unsure how to express them. His 2nd proposal was way better than the first. The ending was nice.

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