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When Darcy decides it’s finally time to leave Renzo, he decides to romance her in Italy!

Italian architect Renzo Sabatini is a man adored for his gorgeous looks and talent. Darcy, a waitress, struggles to make sense of her casual romance with the billionaire. She tells herself it’s only physical, but the more they touch, the stronger her feelings grow. She knows they live in different worlds and that it’s time she wakes up from her dream. She tries to break it off with Renzo, but he isn’t ready to let her go—instead he whisks her away for a weeklong vacation in Italy!

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I hate the hero 1  1

He left the fallen heroine on the floor, despite his assumption and anger that was too much. At hospital he even stated, that it was a normal way to do if other people in his position. What the...??? I can get mad to someone but if that person fainted in front of me, i wont let that person lying hopeless. Anyway, we can tell whether the fainting scheme was fake or not. I dislike his apologizing moment because I expect better than in this manga because his excuses were so lame. The heroine was so hurtfull for his behaviours. The only reason I gave one star because i like the heroine well except her decision to easily accept the hero back after what he's done to her. Anyway it's an HQ universe, the one that sometimes annoying..sigh..

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3.5 not bad 4  4

The hero and heroine are in a lover's relationship because the heroine accepts nothing but negligee and they only go to the room for coitus. We get a flashback of how they met with the hero actually working to get the heroine's attention because she wasn't giving him the time of day at first. This goes on for a while till the heroine decides enough is enough. She tells the hero that she's moving out of the city to a town and is ending their relationship. The hero doesn't want that since he's been having such a good time with her. He convinces her to come with him to Italy and takes her out for dinner with friends and does activities outside of the bedroom. He opens up about his past of his father betraying his mother by not only making her best friend his mistress but marrying the woman after their divorce. The hero from then on till they died made sure that they never got the house they wanted. The hero finally takes an interest in the heroine's life after they leave Italy. She shows him her crummy apartment and decides to give her a fun time with outings and more. Unfortunately, with her face plastered with paparazzi rags helps narrow down her location from a blast in past. The man comes to blackmail the heroine for money or he tells the hero about the heroine being in social care and had a prostitute/drug addict for a mother. The heroine refuses but he snatches a diamond jewelry without her knowing. The hero comes back and she is upfront with him about it but he finds the diamond jewelry missing. He accuses the heroine of conspiring with the man and kicks her out. She leaves for the town and finds out she's pregnant. She decides to not tell the hero (after the guy doesn't take her calls) till she ends up in the hospital being malnourished and risking her health. She lists him as a father in case anything happens to her. The hospital notifies him and he comes a running. He sees the heroine in her bad condition and provides support with a condition that she marry him because he doesn't want his child to be illegitimate. The heroine only agrees when the hero brings up her losing in a custody battle. The hero gets the heroine to open up more about her past from being bullied as a child and being thrown back and forth from care to mother. The big fight comes when the hero reveals the man confessed the whole thing was his own scheme, meaning the hero still suspected the heroine. It sets her off about how she wanted nothing but his love. It surprises but it shocks the both of them when she starts sobbing about the whole thing, sobbing or tears is something she's never done before. He runs after her and pulls her into a tight hug. He takes her back home and opens his heart that he does love her but he was afraid to act on his feelings thanks to the influence of his parents. He apologizes to the heroine, asks for both her forgiveness and a second chance. The two hold each other tight, confessing their love for each other. We skip to the heroine giving birth to a baby boy and the hero and heroine going out for the night. It was a decent ending.

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