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Their secret fake marriage has suddenly become all too real…and public!

Perry lives a quiet life in London. But when the man she’s just started dating starts talking about their future together, she knows she must take action. The truth is, she got married when she was eighteen years old. The marriage was for their mutual benefit and really only exists on paper. They’ve both kept it a secret. Perry must get a divorce asap, but she can’t get a hold of her successful businessman “husband,” Nash. Letters and emails go unanswered as the days pass. And then she sees Nash on the news announcing that he’s seeking a court-mediated settlement with his wife!

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Available until : Sep. 30th 2020(Monthly course($79.99)

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Decent story considering the untenable plot 2  2

SPOILERS INCLUDED: Okay, she was 18 and desperate, and he needed a marriage certificate. That is not so far fetched (for a Harlequin story), but wait a minute! She actually thought to ask HIM, 'what if you meet someone you want to marry,' but didn't bother to consider that question for HERSELF? And then after 6 years, when she shows up wanting a divorce so she can pursue a serious relationship with someone else, he's just a callus jerk about it. I suppose it might have been an instant decision when she walked in the door, but you almost get the feeling he planned it - was he thinking, 'I told her I never wanted to see her again, but someday when she's older she will have a reason to walk back through my door and if I like what I see, regardless of what she has planned for her life, I'll take control and make sure she realizes she is mine whether she likes it or not.' Was that what he thought? You don't hear it from him, but that's how he acts. I'm still not certain what she fell in love with except the author makes sure the hero is the lesser of the two 'evils' by making her to-be fiancee a subtly controlling mama's boy while the hero encourages her talents. Later, the contrast deepens and the hero gets a chance to be the, well, hero. From that point on it starts to feel li,e a romance, and it ends nicely, but the beginning just didn't sit right. I'm glad it was just a rental.

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Another despicable hero 1  1

Well the hero married the heroine to get his heritance. Then he told her to walk out his life but never divorced her, oh my god. The heroine knew that she was married just to help the hero got what he wanted, then she got the money to help her important person. But she didnt ask for the divorce as well after both party got what they need, after 6 yrs marriage without seeing each other?? Then she just realized she had to divorce from his so call husband to marry his new so called BF. Well, the incident that the heroine has to face with his so call BF not so surprising. Of course the so called BF got so emotional, even though the assault still unacceptable. Yes the hero apologized, but it wasnt enough for me. After 6yrs abandonment, gosh..and the upside down life he created for the heroine after they met again was so disturbing.. The themes in HQ universe are mostly like this. I dont understand. Though this type of the story i hate the most, i decided to rent because i hope for a miracle that something different but then, not much satisfying...oh well..

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