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After a forbidden night of passion with my sworn enemy, a secret child was born.

In the gaming world exist two massive family-run companies. Cari is part of the Chandler family and Dec is from the Montrose family. Though they knew they were enemies, the two spent one forbidden night of passion together. Later, the two families are at war, each wanting to buy out the other. One emerges the victor, and it isn’t the Montrose family. Dec now wants to pick up where he and Cari left off long ago, but he betrays Cari’s expectations when he reveals that he only wants a physical relationship. His soft kisses melt her from within, but she mustn’t let him muddle her thinking. She can’t give in to Dec’s desires now because she still needs to reveal a secret to him that she’s been concealing for years!

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3.5 family drama 4  4

This is in the top list of family drama, it's probably what would have happened to the Montagues and the Capulets if Romeo and Juliet didn't do the secret marriage. It starts off over a year ago where the hero and heroine have a one night stand and leave it at that. The heroine discovers she's pregnant but doesn't tell the hero for a lot of reasons; one of the big ones being their families are enemies. How this began, it never says in the book. Only the hero's grandfather swore revenge and passed it down to his grandchildren. A year and a half later, the fight between families is over with the hero's side winning. Now, it's a question of who stays and who goes. The heroine goes as the family representative to try and have the hero keep as many of their employees as possible. Their meeting ends with dinner plans and the heroine decides she needs to tell the hero about their little boy. I do like that we get to see from the hero's perspective that he still has feelings for the heroine but he can't act upon for the obvious reasons. He's real emotional about the discovery of his son and it surprises the heroine. It all stems from him being foster before his family adopted and wanting to try and be a father to his son. They decide to keep it a secret from their family members and meet in secret. As they meet more and more growing closer to one another but the cloud of lay offs and angry family members still hangs over their heads grows bigger. Tensions strain their bonds as the two face their family when accusations of them dating come up. Both admit it but they both try to protect each other, much to the ire of their family members. They have a night together before going to the big meeting where it all comes out. They confess about the child's identity, which sparks the bonfire. The CEO cousin goes off the roof about betrayal, the child is a mistake, etc. Although, the heroine's sister calls the man out that nothing he says makes sense. The sisters leave with the cousins to talk among themselves. The hero tells the CEO cousins that he's done with revenge and is given support by the other cousin. I loved the scene when the CEO cousin starts to spout more nonsense but the other cousin shuts him up with a reminder who's supporting who and what will happened if the pulls his support on the CEO cousin. With the help of his cousins who give the sisters a second chance, he's able to find the heroine's hotel room. He sends her a message to meet at a location that he has decked out to the nines. When she arrives there, she finds him standing with a bouquet of flowers. He apologizes for what happened, confesses that he's in love with her, and wants to marry her. They talk some more and by then, the heroine says yes to his proposal. He even shows proof that selling his sports car and buying a family friendly car. I liked the ending all family members together, not biting each other's heads off.

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