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I put my life on the line for love in an era of unrest...

The year is 1938. Dee is studying to become a nurse. Her breath catches when she meets her beautiful sister’s boyfriend, Mark, for the first time. She has never met a handsome, cheerful man with such a booming voice before. Even while dating her sister, Mark treats Dee as a lady, and she falls for him and the way he takes her seriously. Dee hopes that he will hurry up and marry her sister so she can forget about her feelings for him. But Dee has no idea what her sister is feeling. She also doesn’t know about Mark’s uninhibited relationships or his rash and reckless dream.

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Mixed feeling but still good 4  4

I admire the heroine, and the story was outstanding, it's really deep. The reason I put 4 star cos I dont really like the hero. I understand the background of the story but still infidelity , it's not an excuse in any situation. I dislike the fact that the hero still being selfish about his pride as a womanizer. I cope well with his fear about the war, it's understandable. But with him flirting or maybe had another relationship with OW in the military, that wasnt acceptable. There was scene, when his female coleague, assumed the heroine as the hero's new GF. So it meant the hero had relationship with other woman or women in military. I like when the heroine's decide to annul the engagement. Although the fact that the hero stated all of his reason behind all of his mess still insufficient for me. Because I expect more from the hero for such an outstanding heroine. I didnt see the hero apologized properly to the heroine. Maybe the novel can be better. Overall it's still a great read, one of a kind in related to the story's setting

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a must read 5  5

When it comes to historical romances, we get the medieval age or the victorian era. We have knights and lords for their princesses and ladies. I found this piece of historical romance to be a great piece due to the reality of the character's lives as well as world events impacting their lives and choices. We start off with the hero and heroine in their golden years as they tell their tell to their granddaughter of how they achieved their long lasting and loving marriage. We start off with the heroine meeting her sister's new boyfriend (hero) and they have a good conversation. He immediately becomes part of the family since he was offered a job by the heroine's father and the sister plans to marry him. He and the heroine meet from time to time and she makes an impression on him with her modern ways of pursuing a career in nursing to paying her half of a lunch, something that just wasn't done back then. Now, we know the hero is a good guy but he's not being a good boyfriend to the heorine's sister. WW2 is coming around the corner with everyone's nerves on edge. Then out of nowhere, the sister completely disappears with a note that she's leaving the hero for another man she met who's married and a father. This really sets off the family but the heroine helps the hero in dealing with the town's prying eyes and whispers. The two meet one and off for "dates" but it ends when the hero joins the war in the air force. Now, he wants to marry the heroine and has an engagement but we have this complicated situation arise with the heroine choosing to believe in the hero when he doesn't make it for the dates or baseless rumors about the hero cheating on the heroine. We learn it all stems from his fear of being rejected by the heroine or a burden to her from the affects of war since his buddy came home with burns and his new wife divorced him immediately. The heroine does have enough with his lack of faith in their relationship as well as using her not to look pitiful after her sister's disappearance and ends the engagement at his urging. They separate and face many tragedies from the heroine reuniting with her sister in the hospital only to have her die days later. Then her mother dies as well. The hero suffers from war with getting massive burns (plus PTSD later on) but ends up in the heroine's ward for treatment. She recognizes the hero but he suffered amnesia. She works with him in recovery and helps him remember her as well as getting some interesting tidbits from him. He comes to with her father and her as a mechanic since he can't go back in the air. The heroine once again helps him believe in himself and one thing leads to another. She finds herself pregnant and they have a shotgun wedding only for the heroine to suffer a miscarriage right around the time the allies enter Italy. She makes it but seeing her on the hospital bed made the hero open up so much of not wanting to lose her because he loved her. It's so heart-wrenching and we see they move forward together. Then we head back to him in their old age, relating about a year after the war ended, they had another baby. Then short snips of what happened over the decades. The heroine tells her granddaughter not to give up on love and we have a happy ending. I loved this story so much because it showed love through not just common life but also through war, strife, pain, and healing. It was definitely worth renting.

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