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The events of that night were all for show. Did he get close to me just for revenge?

She would one day marry a man of her father’s choosing and live her life without knowing love... That was what Iolanthe, the daughter of a company president, thought as she spent her days in tranquility. At least until she met Alekos at a party. She believed it was fate, but finds out he had betrayed her father and was fired from the company. Was the night that she gave her virginity to him just part of his revenge? She goes to meet Alekos to find out the truth, but he rejects her cruelly, as if he was an entirely different person. She couldn’t tell him that she was pregnant with his child...

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fine and alright 3  3

The heroine and hero meet at a party where the heroine has resigned herself to going with the, "do what dad says" and what I mean is the heroine is going to marry whoever her dad chooses. Although, funnily enough with the original harlequin was published in 2016, it somehow still surprises me today about this kind of thing still goes on. The heroine and hero and are in a tangle by her father and his men who beat the hero up. The heroine is shocked and hears about the hero suing the father but the father claims the hero stole from him. She goes to the hero to not only offer an olive branch but to reveal she's pregnant. Their reunion goes immediately sour with him making a comment about her only going to see him because she's pregnant. She runs out of the room and he can't make heads or tails of it. She decides to keep the baby but her father insists that she marry the man of his choosing in order to protect her and take over the company. Sadly, that's all the man ever cared about and treated both the heroine and her little boy coldly. A decade later, the heroine's husband dies and she learns about the hero taking over the company stocks to ruin it in a way. However, she wants to run the company in order to keep it in the family for her son to run and there's a software program for nonprofit that she wants to keep alive. That's when she reveals his paternity to her son but he doesn't believe her till she leaves proof. He comes by later and learns about the son's developmental disabilities and it's a program that her all business father was developing to help his grandson till he died last year. This kind of puts odds for the hero for reasons revealed later but he works hard in building a relationship with his son to help him be exposed to the world as well as gaining the heroine's trust. The heroine sees the hero's commitment in being there for his son and helping him, something her husband never did. However, the two are still at odds with different stories from what transpired between the hero and father. The hero wants to tell the heroine but chooses not too since she would be incredibly hurt. Lots of things happen in the next couple of hours from the hero learning the husband degraded the little boy, asking the heroine to marry him, then running off to save the company but the heroine misunderstands and thinks he went through with his original plan. She shuts the hero out but the little boy helps open the door for him. He sits the heroine down and reveals that he was suing the father for betraying his trust when he was a poor college student by stealing his work and proclaiming it as his own. He befriended the hero and a multiple of poor but intelligent students for their work. The heroine believes the hero but it shocked at her father's cruelty. The hero tells the heroine that he's done with his anger and is grateful to the father for looking out for the heroine and grandson. He gives this heartfelt speech and asks for the heroine's answer to his question. The heroine says yes and the little boy comes down for a big family hug.

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