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Villa Danaë, bequeathed to her by her mother, became the setting for a forbidden romance.

Zoe discovered papers and photos in the back of a scenic painting her late mother made a long time ago. The documents said that her mother was gifted Villa Danaë in Greece, but Zoe didn’t know who the handsome man in the old photos was. Zoe, understanding that the gift was a secret, visits the island to solve the mystery. The villa, which sits in front of an azure sea, belongs to a marine transportation kingpin. Zoe meets the charming gardener, Andreas, and is bewitched by his beautiful black hair and eyes. She doesn’t know that the story of her birth and a forbidden romance lie in wait...

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3.5 There's a twist 4  4

The heroine is looking for answers after the death of her mother and the recent as well as more erratic behavior of her aunt who had it out for her mother. She travels to Greece thanks to a paint that had pictures and documents in greek with the only thing she can make out is a deed to a villa. Plus, she knows that her mother came to this country before she was born. During her time there, she runs into the hero who she develops a romantic relationship and he with her. There is some disagreements when the heroine finds out the hero is not only the son of a shipping magnate but also running the company now. Although, that doesn't surprise her as much as when she meets the hero's father who claims she's his illegitimate daughter. Years ago, the hero's father met the aunt who hurt her ankle and took her back to the hotel where he met the heroine's mother. He fell for her at first sight but he was married and they began a liaison till the wife found out and made threats. The heroine's mother left but not before making the hero's father promise her not to follow him. Then he found out she was pregnant and attempted to contact her but never got a response. When he secretly went to observe them, he found out the mother named the heroine with the same name they got talked with their child. The heroine is at a loss now and deals with the pain that she has to bury her love for the hero who's now her newly discovered brother. She meets the "father" from time to time but she learns more of another party that her aunt carried a grudge against the "father" for falling for her sister and not her. The heroine goes back home after meeting the hero's fiancee to resume life. Then she finds out the horrible truth from her aunt who's lost in her ways. She reveals that in her jealous and hatred for both sister and "father" that she was the one who notified him about the mother being pregnant but never added that the mother miscarried his child. Plus, to keep the heroine's mother from going back to the "father", she lied about the "father's" wife killing herself in order to make the mother guilty.The pitiful aunt held onto such a hatred towards her sister that she couldn't find happiness anywhere, not even her husband. This whole confession started when the aunt found out the "father" died from a heart attack but the heroine is still reeling from the truth that she and the hero aren't related. Right when the heroine is sending her aunt for help, the hero appears with news that he found out the truth but didn't want to ruin it for his sick father who wanted to make amends. The hero relates his misery that he went for a political engagement but he can end since the fiancee has a fortune and will finds someone in no time. We end the story with the hero and heroine getting married.

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