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His sudden proposal masked hidden intentions…

Cassidy is nine months pregnant. Donovan, the vice-president of a massive corporation, can’t stand children. He broke their relationship off before she had the opportunity to reveal she was pregnant with his baby. But now he’s appeared out of the blue to visit her. Donovan sees how pregnant Cassidy is and is shocked... He then goes on to proclaim that he will marry her and become the child’s father! The truth is, Cassidy is still deeply in love with him, and his sincere words open her heart. While still puzzled about Donovan’s change of heart, she accepts his proposal... If only she had realized that, for him, it was only a marriage of convenience to help him land the CEO position!

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This was quite the education for the hero in discovering what really matters. The whole thing starts out when the hero despite his workaholic behavior and commitment to proving he's the right man for the CEO position. Only thanks to his grandfather and uncle have made a real challenge. The uncle points out every flaw the hero has or mistake he makes and the grandfather left a will that between the hero and his cousin, the one who becomes the CEO is the one with a wife and kid. The cousin has one but the hero can't think of marrying anybody, except the heroine who's also his ex-fiancee. After his mother nagging him to marry for appearances, the hero finally has enough; he misses the heroine and goes to see her. Imagine his surprise to see her and heavily pregnant belly. We get a short recap of them falling in love but she broke off due to discovering her pregnancy and that the hero didn't want kids (he didn't know about her pregnancy). In this short discussion, the hero apologizes, confesses his love, and asks the heroine to marry him. I believe that this came from the heart but the moment she asked why he came, he makes his first big mistake by letting the heroine draw up the wrong conclusion as well as turning it into a lie. He should have sat her down and revealed about how the contents of will, being heckled to marry the right class, but couldn't because he missed her. Unfortunately, the man is a big fool who plans to keep this whole thing a secret but what's done in the dark comes to the light. The heroine believes his words and says yes to his proposal. They plan to get married both sides of family and friends are skeptic in this arrangement. The wedding comes and goes well but the heroine's friend tells her rumors about the will. The hero intervenes and tries to steer the heroine away but his behavior is noted by the heroine. Fortunately for him, those thoughts disappear when the heroine goes into labor on their wedding night. I found the hospital scene to be very moving. We skip three weeks to the hero becoming a natural at holding babies and being a new dad. He's come to love his little boy when he was so afraid that he wouldn't be able to. Well, who couldn't have that adorable little bundle of joy. Everything seems fine till the hero starts coming in later and won't open to the heroine of why. He doesn't want to burden her with the news that the board and members of his own family are giving him the ultimatum of giving up the CEO position or giving up the heroine. It's just another secret that the hero will pay the price when it's revealed. Sadly, things unravel thanks to a disgusting new head line leaked by the hero's uncle. Now, the secrets come out to the heroine in a bad way and she leaves the hero with their son. The hero doesn't want to give the heroine up and it takes a talk with his rival cousin to find the perfect solution and realize how he's changed for the better. He sends the heroine a message to meet him. Once there, he finally does the sit down and opens his heart to the heroine as well as explaining everything. He asks her to him marry once again. She says yes and we get a happy ending.

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