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Is it fate that they met in a foreign country? Or is Laurie being led into a trap?

Laurie was excited about her trip to China and Hong Kong…until someone sneaked into her apartment before her departure. She senses that the thief was after the ring that her boss made her keep. Her boss wanted to plan a surprise gift for his wife as an apology for his unfaithful past, but Laurie quickly regrets getting involved. She doesn’t have any choice but to bring it on the trip and becomes nervous when a mysterious man stares at her. But it turns out the mysterious man, Tyler Gray, is actually her company CEO, and he’s come all the way to Hong Kong just to track a missing page from a research document!

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3.5 a windy trail 4  4

The story itself is quite a windy path for the heroine and hero with him following her from London to China. It all starts right before the heroine's big trip to chain with a friend. She's left in charge of a special present her boss made for his wife as part of his long end of amends for his affair. Unfortunately, bad timing happens when he hugs and the wife walks in to see. She misinterprets and it's the start of problems. The heroine is given a memo of a restaurant to visit in China from her boss, neither seeing the important document on the back. This starts up a whole investigation with the heroine listed as the main suspect without her even knowing. Her apartment gets ransacked and it leads her to believe she was robbed then the friend gets sick and she's going alone. She takes along the present in fear of it being stolen. She heads to China and meets a variety of people. One of them is the grouchy hero who the heroine can't figure out why he has such an attitude to her. Now, her tour group ends and she heads off to stay with a friend and former colleague. Strangely, the hero ends up at the friend's place with a message the heroine is gone to nurse her sick grandmother. The heroine has no choice but the stay with the hero when she finds her wallet is missing with all her money. However, she spends time wit h the hero and she enjoys his company even with his strange hypothetical questions like spy and espionage. Then the document appears and the hero reacts strongly to it. The heroine of course has no idea, especially with not knowing what the document means. Then just as things are getting hot, they knock over the hero's suitcase and out pops the heroine's wallet. The heroine sees it and accuses the hero of taking advantage of her then leaves. It's only after she gets home that she finds the present is missing. She goes to work, intending the apologize to her boss but finds him all smiles about the present being back in his hand and the hero stilling there like he's the boss. Her boss reveals about the suspicion towards her over the document but the heroine is so confused that she runs out of the building with the hero chasing her all the way to her home. She opens the door after his threats of breaking it down and he reveals a document went missing that only had her and the boss's fingerprints on it. He followed but during that time with her, he was jealous over the suspicion that she was involved with her boss. He confesses his love and she slaps him hard (who can blame her). In the emotional chaos, she confesses in tears that she loves the hero too. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes in her own way.

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