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This British woman is trapped in Athens with a beautiful, arrogant man…

Kendra has arrived in Greece to be with her cousin Faye, who has just married millionaire Eugene, who is much older than she is. Faye is five months pregnant and Kendra has come to help her through her maternity-onset depression. At the airport, the person who collects Kendra is the arrogant, yet handsome Damon. He’s a relative of Eugene’s and a billionaire in his own right. Kendra feels a strong attraction to him from the moment she meets him. The problem is Damon thinks that Kendra is a gold digger!

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alright. 3  3

The hero and heroine met at the small wedding of her cousin and him being the distant relative of the groom. The wedding holds mixed feelings with the heroine being happy for her cousin but the hero thinks the bride is just a gold digger with how she marries a much older man and feels the same to the heroine. The heroine's side of the family feels the same on the marriage since the groom already has an adult son and all. In fact, the bride's parents didn't come to the wedding. Later on, the heroine is requested by her aunt to go and see the cousin since she cut off contact with her parents since her fight with her father. It's also a request from her cousin-in-law who's at a loss on how to help his wife. The heroine goes and it's just in time because the cousin is having pregnancy blues and feels all ugly, which is a huge blow to her confidence. The heroine helps bring back the cousin's confidence, while dealing with her mood swings. She also tries to figure out the hero with his cold exterior not matching the warm words he tells her. Then it goes vice versa when she comes home late with the husband's adult son. Although, what really burned the heroine's beans and even I was shocked was the hero terminating her job in order to keep her here. That was a low blow and I would knocked him to the ground for doing that. The heroine was only one step from doing that and the hero realizes he made a big mistake when she tells him she used the money the husband gave her to buy her cousin some attractive dresses. Now, the heroine doesn't want to see him but on her last day, she willing goes out with the hero. That night, the hero explains that everything he's done since meeting the heroine has been because he's fallen for her. The heroine reveals she's fallen in love with the hero and he asks her to marry him. She says yes and the story ends with the heroine talking with her cousin about how the cousin is going to reach out to her parents. It was an alright story.

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