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He will do anything to protect his little angel’s smile.

Marissa is a single mother who teaches people how to care for infants. While teaching, she meets a new student, the gentlemanly Alec. He lost his beloved wife a year earlier and decided to take Marissa’s course to learn how to care for his daughter. But after seeing Marissa pacify his daughter, he asks her to become his live-in babysitter. Marissa already has her hands full with work and her own son. But she also has to move out of her home, so she accepts the job and moves in with Alec. She promises herself she won’t become romantically involved with him, but that promise may be harder to keep than she thinks.

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loved the story 5  5

It was a harlequin that just struck me in the heart and had me loving the whole thing. So, the hero and heroine meet when the hero signs up for one of the heroine's baby care classes. He sees how great she is with his baby girl and how the baby girl takes to the heroine. So, he hires the heroine to be his baby sitter since he wants to give his little girl a woman maternal figure unlike the robots nannies he had as a child. The heroine takes the position since she needs a place to stay for her and her little boy. They share a lot of things from parents not being a consistent part of their lives as well as loss of their first spouses from the heroine's divorce (we can only guess it was because she didn't like being married to someone who was like her tough and mean sergeant dad) and the hero's widower status (lost beloved wife in childbirth). I loved how she got him meals all ready and how he helped her moved boxes from her old place to his. The heroine's bright and strong personality is a wrecking ball to the hero's wall that has him falling in love with her but he refuses since he doesn't want to experience the loss of love like with his wife. However, it doesn't stop him from helping the heroine with getting an old computer for her to finish her thesis or taking her out to a fun company costume party, despite the fact he hates costume parties. Then the heroine opens her hear to the hero and he rejects it for the obvious reasons. The heroine handles herself to the best she can. The hero tries to put some distance but it only when the heroine states she'll be leaving with her son for a job opportunity that the hero realizes life without her is dull and sad. The next day, he rushes over to the heroine where he pours his heart out to her in such a beautiful way. It ends with a wedding and I thoroughly loved it.

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