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You expect me to sacrifice myself to save you from your own problems?

“Wait, we’re still married?” Elizabeth, a matchmaker for wealthy clients, is presented with a shocking truth by Greek billionaire Xander. It’s been ten years since she met him during a trip, fell in love, got married and was abandoned mere days later… During those ten years, she has been working hard to get back on her feet. She knows if she were to get involved in a scandal with a notorious playboy like Xander, she would lose the trust of her clients. Elizabeth just wants a divorce—but Xander insists he needs her as his wife before deliberately setting up a tabloid shot of the two of them, forcing her cooperation!

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Don't like at all 1  1

10 years separation and thought they were divorced , and suddenly his so called husband come and steer the heroines life for the sake of helping him and she agreed just like that. How angelic. Well I don't know how the novel goes, but I expect the hero show more regrets for his doing in the past, and what the impacts he has done for the heroine after. It was shown only a bit n not satisfactory at all for me. I expect the heroine can be more fierce in facing his ruthless action but it was solved so easily after 10 yrs separation and being left by him just after 5 days marriage. What a hell. I m disappointed with the story. I buy the book cos curious to see how the heroine will face him, but sigh...not suit my expectation.

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3.5 right time for right words 4  4

In this series, we have the matchmaker herself by finding out from her supposedly “ex-husband” that their marriage mistake from a decade is still intact. Apparently, the annulment was rejected for the 5-day marriage. Now, the hero sees an opportunity to use this marriage in a temporary guardianship battle against his cold-hearted parents for his nephew. The hero drops the bomb on her that they’re still married but then drops a bigger one. He proposes to the heroine of continuing the marriage, which she is against since it will really wreck her matchmaking business. He tells her why and she remembers his brother’s marriage was something forced on by parents and neither brother nor wife wanted it. It’s actually one of the reason why the hero broke the heroine’s heart by saying their marriage was mistake. She only agrees to it after he pushes her into a corner with a promise of compensation. They pretend to get married and the whole thing does take a toll on the heroine’s business since her clients don’t want their lives plastered on the papers. I did like how the hero apologized to the heroine with a real “I’m sorry” when he learned what happened. They get custody of the little boy who fits right in and talk about their pasts. As they spend more time together, the passion starts sparking. The heroine tries to douse it but the hero fans the flames. Later, she meet the hero’s mother who’s a real “treat”. Her visit actually helps the heroine realize the biggest reason the hero broke up with her was to spare her from meeting his parents and her cruel words. They become intimate again and later win the custody battle. Two months later, his brother is out of rehab and the son is back in his arms. The heroine takes it as a sign that their marriage is ending. She leaves and the hero decides to show his love and wish to make their marriage real. He sets up the whole wedding ceremony they never had. The heroine says yes to the whole thing and we have our ending. It was good but not quite there.

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