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He was the last person she expected to see at the ball!

Ella was already anxious as she greeted the guests gathering for Cinderella’s Ball. She had previously experienced a short-lived romance with Rafe and they had been fiercely attracted to each other, but their relationship fell apart one day. Ella was still trying to get over her feelings when Rafe suddenly appeared. The ball was the last place she would expect to find him, so why was he there?

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he misunderstood it all 4  4

The hero and heroine have history that went bad ironically at a Cinderella ball. They broke up on bad terms and it’s taken 5 years for the hero’s revenge. It began when the heroine was in school with the hero’s sister and met the hero. That started up their romance that was going swimmingly till the night of the Cinderella ball. The heroine and hero discovered the sister in bed and in love with another man at the ball. She proclaimed her love for the man but the hero wouldn’t hear of it. He blamed the heroine and her family for deceiving his sister out of the money and ended their relationship there. With the ball running, the hero turns a blind eye and deaf ear to his sister’s pleas that the whole thing is a misunderstanding. His presence causes the heroine to go white and it leads to a conversation in the garden. He seduces and tricks her into marrying him. The heroine’s parents come in and the heroine’s father takes the hero to give him some wisdom. Of course, the guy doesn’t take it and when the young couple are alone, the hero reveals his trick. The whole thing was to end the Cinderella’s ball. He leaves but the heroine is encouraged by parents not to give up. She goes after him and learns of the battle he’s facing against the employees to sell his coffee plantation. She becomes the mediator for everyone vs hero. Slowly, she solves one problem at a time and breaks down the hero’s walls. The hero opens up to the heroine about failing everyone when he was trying to protect. For example, he left his sister in the care of the aunt who mistreated the sister. Then how she lost her vitality after he took her from the Cinderella ball. After it’s confirmed that the hero still loves the heroine, things go downward. The heroine’s father comes with news the sponsors of the Cinderella ball are pulling out. The hero refuses and the heroine takes it as a sign that he doesn’t love her. She leaves with her dad. The hero mopes around till his sister reveals that she snuck into the ball and the heroine kept it a secret because she knew the sister was afraid of losing her brother’s trust. He finally gets that it was all a huge misunderstanding. He encouraged by his sister to go after the heroine. In the end, the hero pays back the debts, cancels sale of farm, and wins the heroine back. Finally, we see the other two couples from previous novels with the heroine and hero. It’s a good ending.

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