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His charm was undeniable, but were his intentions pure?

Georgia is CEO of the company she inherited from her grandfather and has dedicated herself to work without ever giving a thought to her heart. One day a man tries to force her to accept his proposal by keeping her on his yacht! Thankfully Georgia is rescued when another yacht passes by. When she sets her eyes on the yacht’s owner, Jake, she falls for his sexy charms instantly! Her heart races, but she forces herself to remain calm. After all, Jake may be the man who is secretly trying to buy out her company…

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3.5 it was decent. 4  4

The heroine floundering in the water when the hero came by with his boat. He makes the wrong assumptions that she’s the kind of woman who will throw herself over any rich man when she literally threw herself over to get away from her childhood friend forcing himself on her physically and matrimonially . Why, it’s because she’s the CEO of her family enterprise and nickname Siberia to men. In fact, her grandfather drilled it into her head that any man who shows interest in her wants her family. Their whole interaction sparks the hero’s attraction in her but she sneaks away before he gets her name. Imagine his surprise when he finds out her true identity. The man unfortunately gets into a bet with the ex-childhood friend about whether he can bed her or not. During this time, the heroine is trying to figure out who is company wanting to purchases her is and she believes it’s the hero. He starts pursuing the heroine but she rejects him at every turn. Then when he’s starting to make headway, something pops up that has her walls back up. She only lets her guard down after a man she considered a father figure proposes the mistress position to her. I was so proud of her when she thing her wine in his face. While, the heroine is off alone, the hero finds out the father figure is the mastermind in buying out the heroine’s company. He finds the heroine who he helps open up about everything from being groomed at birth to take over the head of the company to being a parrot of mimicking her grandfather’s words. For example, she told her mother that she couldn’t talk to her because that would make her weak like her. He comforts the heroine and they become intimate. Later, the heroine finds out about the bet and shuts the hero out. Thankfully, he doesn’t give up and saves her from being kidnapped by thugs. I liked how he was honest to the heroine about the bet but that his first intention was his love for the heroine. The two confess their love to one another. He reveals the mastermind of the company is the father figure and they discover he’s behind the kidnapping too. In the end, the two plan on getting married.

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