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Mollie is determined to help the grieving widower!

Mollie admired cowboy Deke as a child, but after he lost his wife in an accident, Deke couldn’t take care of his own baby daughter. Despite how troubled he Deke is, Mollie feels she must help him and his child. She goes to Crandall ranch to apply to be a housekeeper, but she’s rejected right away. Mollie will do anything to help her childhood crush stand on his feet again. And eventually Mollie’s cheerful personality begins to soothe the pain in Deke’s closed-off heart…

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alright, not really excited by it 3  3

So, the heroine has only had one crush on the hero who was a teenager or young adult when she first fell in love as a child. Of course it didn't last what with the loss of her parents and having to grow up. Now, she's a sophomore at college and has come home for summer vacation. She learns about the hero being recently widowed as well as a new single father. She decides to give him a helping hand, despite his gruff and grinch manner. Not to mention he's chased off many of the ladies from women's association but she doesn't quit. Her perseverance gets the hero back into working on the farm and loosening his grip on the bottle. The man has no intention of making a move on the heroine with their 14 year age gap but it doesn't stop the heroine's family from giving him a warning. Despite the hero's words, he does become attracted to the heroine and is at a loss of what to do. As the days pass, the heroine is making a positive impression on the ranch hands who further push the hero about tying the knot with the heroine. The heroine finds it funny with the hero's aversion to his own daughter. We later learn that it's because the hero thinks the little baby isn't his because his wife got pregnant. The hero finds himself getting too close to the heroine and hires a housekeeper as a way to distance the heroine from himself. It works with the addition of the heroine's heart broken. She goes back and works hard at college to forget about the hero. Next, she comes home for Christmas and the hero requires her services again. She happily accepts and finds herself the next project of the helping the hero work through his past. After the hero proposes marriage to her and she says yes. She gets him to open up about how he and the 1st wife married but because of their love lack lives, they didn't know how to give love nor communicate love to one another. She gives him a letter left behind by the first wife who confesses that the baby is his and she wanted the baby in order to strengthen their fragile marriage. The contents of this letter makes the hero change his mind and take back his proposal. The heroine is able to convince him not to even with their age difference and the fact that she'll drop out of college. They get married and have another child in the end. It's a happy ending but it didn't really excite me that much.

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