The Perfect Sinner

Romance The Perfect Sinner

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The Perfect Sinner

Who is this barely recognizable man standing before her?

Max, a lawyer, approached and seduced Maddy purely because she was the daughter of a major player in the legal world. After they got married, Max was constantly unfaithful, piling up scandal after scandal with other women, and now he’s disappeared. Deeply wounded by her husband’s horrible treatment of her, Maddy begins a new job and tries to move forward with her life. Just as her new life is taking shape, Max appears before her again—now calm and gentle, as though he were a different person entirely…

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Unfinished and unsatisfied 1  1

So, I've written reviews on the books from this series about the family from "A Perfect family" to "Starting Over". I've also read the reviews on the original book and they're spot on like this on. We were forewarned in the "Perfect family" when the hero in his evil aura sought out the sweet heroine who not only saw her as a stepping stool in the legal world but wanted to one up her since she got the job at some big law firm that he wanted that it was going to be a horrible marriage. Then we see, "Starting Over" where the hero is struggling but is really working hard on rebuilding the heroine's trust in him. Now, despite the need for the "Perfect Sinner"to exist in order to connect the couple to the next book, it was practically a dud. I mean, we get abusive domestic life to 180 degree personality change and hitting the end where the heroine finally decides to give the hero a chance. I wanted to see more between the hero and heroine because it's only more than halfway through the book when the hero gets his personality check and by then, we're begging the heroine to divorce the hero and leave with the charity accountant guy. The few positive things I see in the hero's personality is his apology to the heroine, admitting his wrongs, and letting the heroine take the reins but the problem is we're not seeing him fighting for the heroine. We only get walks and the bed scene; there's no dinners or even him making an effort. He's even giving the heroine the okay to cheat on him like it's an okay thing now. We get that he knows that he's majorly messed up with his lame excuses like, "I cheated on you because I had such intense feelings for you and I didn't like you. " or "I mistreated our own children because they took your attention and love that was meant for only me". This is just between the hero and heroine, I wanted to see some deep talk between the hero and his parents on his insecurity feelings of feeling like a second fiddle to the first dead baby. One of the few things that I liked with the heroine is that she didn't believe him for a second nor should she so quickly. She actually gets some bite back into her but by the end, she lets it go. For me, I believe in forgiveness and second chance but I felt these things were executed well like Akadzikhaf says. One of the few positives I can say is that we see more of this work on rebuild in "Starting Over" and gives it that more marriage appeal.

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I expect better 1  1

I quite regret renting this one. I expect much better. I just wonder why the heroine still keeping her marriage after all those bad things her husband did. When the husband came back home after the incidents. I hope there will be more fights from heroine's side, cos well.. she deserved it after years of tormenting marriage. But it didnt execute well in the book. I dont know how the novel be, hopefully better.

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