Romantic Suspense KIT AND THE COWBOY

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For the first time in months, she’s able to rest easy…but how long will her reprieve last?

For the past few months, Kit has been living in fear, terrified by mysterious threatening letters. When her sister invites her to a ballet to get her out of the house, she finds yet another threatening letter between the pages of her program! Frightened and at her wits’ end, Kit impulsively rushes backstage. She sees a swan costume and puts it on to make her escape. While wandering around in the swan costume, Kit is saved by a handsome doctor named Jarod. For the first time in months, she’s able to rest easy. It’s not long before she falls in love, but she may not be as safe as she thinks…

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Fine , I guess 3  3

The heroine is on the run from a mysterious stalker who’s been leaving her disturbing messages everywhere for the last few months. She’s gone to her only family (brother-in-law & older sister) but they don’t take her seriously. The sister is stating that it’s the heroine’s way of seeking attention. They did get the police to do an investigation but they turned up empty. The final straw was when she received a note in a random pamphlet. The hero offers his services and a place to hide in the meantime. They get a detective buddy of his to investigate and the heroine becomes the receptionist with a wig and everything at his clinic. Days pass with not clue but her disappearance has caused quite an uproar with police and family. She has been warned not to contact her family just in case. In her hiding she meets the hero’s widowed sister-in-law who makes claims that the hero is hers. Things start to heat up when she sees her sister proclaim the heroine making up all sorts of stories and it hits home run. He asks for the heroine’s history and determines that she has a father complex that has kept her from taking the next step in her relationship. She dated her brother-in-law beforehand but they broke up on friendly terms because she wouldn’t do what was said earlier. He met the sister and they got married. Next, the hero takes the heroine to his home where his irritated sister-in-law awaits about the employee ruining “family” time with the hero. The whole thing leads the heroine to believe that the hero is actually in a relationship with his sister-in-law. The hero starts hitting the heroine’s “walls” that she’s put up. As he predicted, she pushes him away rather harshly. The heroine gets news that they found the culprit but need to catch the person in the act. The sister-in-law figures out the heroine’s true identity and lies about her and the hero’s relationship. The heroine runs off in a storm and the hero kicks the sister out in a fury. The heroine finally figures out she’s in love with the hero but decides not to act on her feelings. When the hero finds her, she tells him that she’s heading back. When she sees her family, they’re less than welcoming with out the heroine’s sister nearly had a miscarriage from the whole thing like the one she had last year that surprised the heroine. In fact, both of them were putting blame on the heroine but she tells the brother-in-law to back off in a way. Then she meets the angry sister and the fury of words has her reveal her identity as the culprit. It’s revealed the sister who’s an immense hate towards the heroine for having all their parents’ love and her personality of blaming others took a twisted turn after her first miscarriage. The hero comes in and takes the heroine away but the heroine tells the sister that she still loves her. After the heroine leaves, the sister admits that she loves her too but it’s a complicated thing that needs helps in untangling. The hero gives the heroine comforting words and they separate. Months pass and things are better with the sister and brother-in-law in therapy. The heroine meets the buddy detective who tells her the her and sister aren’t married. Upon hearing how he loves, the heroine goes after the hero in a swan lake costume. She proclaims her love upon finding time and he does the same. We get the ending page of the two marrying each other.

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