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One smile from the usually cold and unexpressive doctor is all it takes to captivate her heart…

Seeking a fresh start in life, Abigail finds a job as a live-in nurse and travels from London to the Netherlands. It’s at her employer’s residence that she meets Dominic van Wijkelen, the dashing doctor—handsome but grumpy, cold yet alluring. Abby senses that he hates her and maintains her distance from him, but when her current job ends, van Wijkelen approaches her with a job offer. Perplexed, Abby accepts—and finds him smiling brilliantly. Didn’t he hate her? What does that smile of his mean?

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Very good 5  5

If you enjoy slow and not fast stories to says for you.the stories can be very slow but you have to remember that it is written in period very long go.Betty Neels began writing almost by accident. She had retired from nursing,but her inquiring mind had no intention of vegetating, and her new career was born when she heard a lady in her local library bemoaning the lack of good romance novels. There was little in Betty's background to suggest that she might eventually become a much-loved novelist. Her first book, Sister Peters in Amsterdam, was published in 1969, and busing of often writing four books a year, she eventually completed 134 books.She was always quite firm upon the point that the Dutch doctors who frequently appeared in her stories were *not* based upon her husband, but rather upon an amalgam of several of the doctors she met while nursing in Holland. Innocent and sweet stories you enjoy.

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pretty standard 3  3

It's the usual standard Betty Neels with nurses and doctors; doctors act like hot potato around the heroine because of the age gap(15+ years, it sounds like). The heroine can't make heads or tails as to why the hero keeps dragging her around the continent then not paying her on time. I did like that we get to see some of the story through the hero's perspective. The hero and heroine meet through a patient and the hero instantly becomes attracted to her but he tries to douse the flames. Sadly, hiring her for a job doesn't do much and she tries to show her appreciation but his cold and barking attitude throws her off. The hero miscommunicates with inviting her out to a dance when it sounded like he was asking her to cover some of the nurses' shifts so they could go to the party. They clear it up only on the night of the dance but there's a dress shop the hero takes the heroine to get all dolled up. They have a good time but some of the nurses ruin with talk of the hero using the heroine as gold digger repellent then the hero gets all upset because he sees the heroine dancing with one of the younger male doctors. It's actually during this dance with one of the young doctors that the heroine learns about the hero losing his wife when they were newlyweds in an accident 13 years ago. It's the young doctor's way of building confidence in the heroine since the hero has never brought a woman to these parties. He takes her home and gives her a hot kiss, only to tell her to forget the next morning in a cold tone. She leaves for England but he calls her back for another nursing job in another country. Of course, she takes it and it's to help his little sick niece. Then just as things are going well, the hero sees the heroine talking to a young male doctor with a smile and he's back to his cold attitude with her. Then he once again forgets her pay for the second time and she has to go find another job in a foreign country. Luckily, a previous client helps her find a job. A month passes before the hero is able to find her and he brings along a story and apology to the heroine. He opens his heart about his wife who was cheating on him and how he come to realize that he was partly responsible for not putting work into their marriage in the first place. He goes on about his ups and down what with falling for her but his fear of trusting another woman with being way older than her caused him to hold back. The fear also caused his hot potato attitude with her but having her disappear the third time finally made him realize what he wanted. He confesses his love for the heroine then asks for her forgiveness and hand in marriage. She replies with a yes and that's it.

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