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It turns out he’s much more than just another playboy doctor!

ER doctor Olivia is pregnant with her late husband’s baby thanks to in vitro fertilization. However, the friendly smile and captivating eyes of David, the new surgeon from New York, have her heart soaring. She has no intention of entertaining the busy hospital’s newest playboy, though. She’s planning a quiet, peaceful life with just her and the baby…until she learns that there has been a mistake at the fertility clinic!

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I like it alot. 5  5

My own opinion is that I really liked how the plot went in the story and the obstacles the characters overcame as well as the little twist. Don’t read any further if you don’t want any spoilers. SPOILERS: The hero and heroine are co-workers who quickly become friends but nothing more since the hero is scared of making any deep relationship aside from his younger sister. He even tries to use the excuse that the heroine is pregnant but he can’t help himself from falling for her. The heroine slowly falls for the hero too. The next few months escalate as the heroine learns about the hero’s past of being born in a rich but cold family and running from them after his younger sister’s accident that left her bedridden. In fact, it’s kept him from forming any long-lasting relationships. Although, fate has other plans in making sure the hero stays by the heroine’s side when pregnancy complications arise. Everyone is fine but it’s discovered that the fertility clinic botched the whole insemination thing up. Not only is the sperm not her dead husband’s but it’s not even her egg either. The clinic inseminated another couple’s fertilized egg in her. Now, the couple broke up but the biological father demands custody. It’s a press field day and the hero watches out for the heroine with being her support and shield. That is until some paparazzi rat scares the poor guy away from the heroine with crud about how his presence could ruin the custody battle. She tries to stop him but he still leaves. Weeks pass with him staying close to his sister. He’s finally confronted by his mother who tells him to not make excuses and run after the heroine. During the time the hero is away, the heroine gives birth and the custody battle is dropped. Apparently, the biological father got the heroine’s letter about loving the baby and decided to let her have custody with the request that he be allowed to visit the baby. The heroine is overjoyed by the news and right then the hero appears. We have a very lovely confession of love between them. The story ends with the three of them going out on a day trip and it was a good ending.

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