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Has Cole found his son and the woman he loved so long ago?

When Cole saw the boy who looked so much like him, he asked him his name. The boy said, “My name is Tony Alvarez. It was my grandfather’s name.” That was also the name of a shepherd from Cole’s family farm who had disappeared fifteen years ago. And he’d taken his daughter, Allison, who had been Cole’s girlfriend, with him! Could Tony be Cole’s son?

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3.5 Interference 4  4

Their story is a bit of a sad one what with the interference of senior relatives who put their feelings before their charges. So, the hero and heroine have been childhood friends with the heroine’s dad being the stable manager and the hero’s dad’s best friend and war buddy. They’ve been together for everything like the loss of family. This actually started their romantic relationship but nothing intimate till after his parents’ death In fact, the hero could openly cry in front of the heroine. He was a college student who not only lost his parents but was placed a heavy burden of being leader of a company by his hypocritical aunt. They got intimate and he left for college with the promise of marrying her on Christmas break. Yet, when he comes back, heroine and her father are gone. He goes on the aunt’s word that they left of their own accord (lie) but he searches nevertheless. After a while, he gives up and 15 years flash by till fate crosses the hero’s path with his son. The guy goes off by age, the fact the kid looks too much like his younger brother, and the kid’s name is the same as his heroine’s father’s name. Right then, he gets the terrible news; one of his brothers was in a car accident with the brother’s wife dead. The youngest brother tells him to go after the heroine after revealing what a dictator the aunt was to him and the other brother. When the hero meets the heroine, she throws accusations of abandoning the son and her since the hero didn’t respond to her letters. The hero swears he never got a letter, the heroine can see he’s telling the truth. Both realize it was the heroine’s father who discarded the letters since the heroine always gave her letters to her father. Personally, I was surprised by the father, I mean I understood his hatred for the hero’s aunt but the hero is the son of his best friend who has a good heart. Misunderstandings are somewhat cleared, except for the fact the heroine told his son that the hero is dead. The hero wants them to start over and the heroine accepts half-way because she got a boyfriend. Now, the hero confronts the aunt and this is where it gets interesting. She just twists the whole thing; she was to marry the heroine’s father but when he kissed her, she jumped the bazooka of rejecting it all because she was from a prominent family and he a stable hand. Now, he moved on but she didn’t and just twisted her love for him into hate. In fact, she didn’t get she was in love with him till the hero said it. Next, hero sends aunt away for a bit and invites both heroine and son over to meet his brothers. I was a little disappointed in the hero for not being able to be a gentleman for the heroine. When I mean a gentleman, I mean keeping his hands to himself. Then the son overhears the truth and runs off in anger from the lies. They find him later and everyone calms down. They straighten things out and the heroine says yes to the hero’s proposal Then the aunt meets the son and she finally gets what she’s done. When we get the end of the hero and heroine enjoying their first Christmas in 15 years.

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