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When the lost diamond returns to the royal family, will the old tales come true?

The countries of Calista and Aristo are split in two like the fabled broken diamond. A legend states that the person who finds the missing part of the diamond will become the true king. But these tales have nothing to do with housekeeper Effie. Then, out of the blue, she is chosen as a maid by King Zakari and sent to the desert. She was nervous as she timidly entered the king’s tent, but when the handsome, strong king informed her that she was to share his bed, Effie ran away…still wearing the glittering pendant she had received from her late mother.

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It's thanks to an elopement that the hero and heroine meet. She comes as his maid to his oasis and they have a passionate affair until the hero spots her necklace. A necklace that has a diamond (although the heroine believes and declares it's a fake) that matches the missing half of a symbolic diamond. This diamond would grant the hero his grant to rule another country that was separated thanks to it's former ruler. It's been his whole goal since the last King degraded his beloved stepmother.Now, it's around the heroine's neck and realizes the heroine is the illegitimate daughter of the king who caused his stepmother a lot of pain. Without thinking he asks the heroine to marry him because he sees it as the only way to have the diamond by right. It's the whole, "What's mine is yours,". The heroine is shocked but she says yes, exclaiming she loves him. He confesses he loves her too. He pushes for a marriage against his advisers who have more sense and they get happily married. It's only after their wedding night does he reveal the whole diamond thing and the heroine figures out why she married him. She runs off but not before throwing the pendant at him and breaking it in the process. The heroine has to play the part of the Queen but she's so upset with the hero that she tells him to get a mistress since she won't give him her heart. It's when the hero realizes the heavy price he's paid for his revenge and right to rule in exchange for his beloved's trust and heart. What's more, the other country is freaking out over being rule by the hero fro their differences in culture. Then the heroine finds documents that shows she's legitimate child and has right to the other throne. She confronts him and reveals her plan of going to get her kingdom since the hero doesn't care about the people. He advises her not to with good reason and confesses his love for her. Of course, she doesn't believe him. He opens up his hatred for the dead king is because he caused his stepmother to miscarry her child and declared her the same of the family. She still doesn't believe and runs off. All the pain she feels causes her to run into the middle of the desert and the hero sends a rescue helicopter after her. Once, they're back and calm, things start to clear up. The heroine admits she still loves the hero and the hero confesses that he's always loved her from the beginning. They come to an agreement of gently letting the royal family know of the heroine's legitimacy and share the kingdom together. It ends well.

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