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Can a book help her find her perfect fake fiancé?

Two Hundred Ways to Find a Husband… Elise and her two friends read the how-to book for hints on finding an ideal husband. Elise isn’t interested in marriage herself, but feels she has no choice but to introduce a suitable man to her parents so her mother will stop setting her up with other men. Following the hints in the book, Elise meets James Dillon, a millionaire and entrepreneur who shows up at her university. Without knowing his true identity, Elise hires him to be her pretend fiancé during her sister’s upcoming wedding. The two run through several rehearsals to perfect their act, an act that soon feels more and more real!

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The heroine is in league with two other women of finding Mr. Right through a book but at the moment, she’s looking for someone to act as her fake fiancée for her sister’s wedding. It’s thanks to her mother who always seems to be introducing her one man after the next since she broke up her engagement. It was with good reason because her fiancée was like, “You’re going to be housewife and your job is meaningless.” She goes to the drama department and proposals the job to the hero, not knowing he’s the twin brother of the actor. It’s the same old switcheroo but the hero goes along with it since the whole thing has made him laugh. The poor man hasn’t laughed since his divorce from his greedy ex-wife. He’s also intrigued by the heroine’s personality nor does he want to embarrass her with the truth she’s got the wrong person. First meeting went bad because the hero took the strategic point of being nice to her friends as a way to get on her good side but she misinterpreted thinking he was eyeing her more beautiful friends. He clarifies his intentions and says the heroine’s beautiful too. Sadly, the heroine’s feelings are stunted when the friend states the hero was only acting. Next scene is when they go to the heroine’s parents. The hero fools the mother but the father sees through it all. In fact, he pulls the hero away in private and reveals he knows the heroine’s plan and why, the hero’s true identity that destroys paparazzi paper claims, and more. They have more dates with their feelings growing stronger. The whole contract keeps them from revealing their feelings. However, decides to reveal his identity and his reveals to the heroine. Yet, before he does, they have a passionate tryst. It would have been all good and well if the next morning, the truth didn’t come out to the heroine through her female family members. The heroine is humiliated and leaves without the hero right after. He finds out the truth and tries to explain but the heroine shuts the door on him. It goes on for a week till the heroine’s friends look at the facts, show the heroine who realizes the hero is 100% genuine. She gets the confidence to doll herself and confess her love for the her in public and in front the ex-wife. The hero only out does her with the kiss in addition to his proclamation as well. It was good.

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