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How did Kate end up working for such an awful man?

Kate Thornley is stuck with a financial dilemma, so she must accept a job offer as a live-in chef in an imposing mansion. Her job is to coordinate a tea lounge for the public, which seems promising until Kate finds out that the owner of the mansion is Jason Warwick, a notorious playboy known on TV for his snide remarks about women. The same man who once witnessed Kate being harassed by a drunkard and humiliated her. He is a man she could never like…

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editor's comment - January 19th, 2020

It's easy to fall in love with a playboy, is it the same easy to make a playboy fall in love with you?

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Ultimate jerk 1  1

In various harlequin that we’ve read heroes who are jerks to the heroine or anyone who’s a double X chromosome. This hero in this harlequin is ranked in the top ten of ultimate jerks; the guy who nearly knocked down the idiot heroes from some of my earliest reviews, “From Last Grand Passion,” & “Slave to love” . It all starts when the hero walks in on the heroine being sexually harassed by a customer. The correct response would be to pull them apart and call the police on the matter. See their response and while, it might turn into a he said, she said thing; you’ve done the correct response of having it end. Of course, the hero doesn’t do that. He accuses the heroine of seducing the guy and pulls out all these insults about the heroine’s “services” as a caterer. Then he kisses her and the heroine doesn’t even slap him. I mean this is a guy calling her a slut but she doesn’t even push him away. If someone had spoke to me so rudely, they would be singing high and above after a conversation with my foot. Just as things are getting rougher; she gets a devil’s bargain. The heroine is offered a contract with money that will help pay for her little sister’s schooling and the person is a sweet old woman. She has a nephew and who turns out to be the hero. From there it astounds me of how can the hero think that all women are evil incarnates when he was raised by such a sweet loving woman. He keeps on harassing the heroine behind the aunt’s back or snidely makes rude comments during talks. For this part, I can’t denounce or get angry at the heroine for not fighting back because this is a job she can’t afford to lose. You want an example of his snide ways: giving the heroine only one week to turn a bunch of high schoolers into star staff and cooks before a tv interview. The author or illustrator tries to put in the scene where the hero forces her to take a break to show his good side but they don’t curb his foul mouth. By opening day, everyone is trained and prepped. Then the hero discovers the heroine’s little sister and the truth. As the heroine takes her sister, she’s cornered by her horrible ex. His last words were, “If you want to marry me, abandon your money sucking sister,”. He gives her a business proposition of publishing a cookbook since he owns a publishing company. The heroine doesn’t push for a more clear and she takes the offer after much thought. She send in her sample cookbook. Next, the hero comes in like a bull in a china shop about how the heroine tricked him. He slams the cookbook and the heroine sees the ex has twisted the English country cookbook into Fifty Shades of Gray about the hero. He then blackmails her into marriage and she ends up being the wife left in the countryside with the aunt. The aunt can see the problem and reveals to the heroine about how the hero’s mother abandoned his father for another man. The father went after them, only to die in an accident. Then the mother came crawling back to the hero, but he kicked her out and refused all contact with her. All of this happened when he was a child. It finally takes some miscommunication for the hero to rush back for the heroine and then have his aunt state, “there are some things in life when you lose it, you never get it back.” Golden words of wisdom from the woman. He finds the heroine with her starting off with the apologies. He stops her and starts with the apologies with how he treated her, how he got the truth from the Ex, etc. He confesses his love for her and she does the same. That’s the end but it just wasn’t enough for me. I couldn’t like it.

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