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The multimillionaire once cast her off, but now he wants to marry her!

At the hotel where Lucy works as a waitress, she’s been asked to handle refreshments for a business meeting. When so many bodyguards appear, though, she wonders just who could be coming! The person who appears brings her heart to a standstill. It’s Jax, the multimillionaire who cast her aside two years ago as if she were a dirty rag. She’s a bundle of nerves, but he shows no sign of wanting to see her. Feeling foolish, Lucy realizes she shouldn’t have expected anything from him. Once the meeting wraps up, Jax calls for her, but she has something she must tell him…about the life they brought into the world!

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editor's comment - January 18th, 2020

What an arrogant man is this Jaz! At first he severely accuses her in lying, and then he suddenly wants her to be his wife?! Let's see Lucy's reaction!

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It was fine. 3  3

It’s another secret baby story that ends the series, “Brides for the taking.”. The hero is reunited with her baby daddy at a conference held at the hotel she cleans. The hero is just as surprised as to what the heroine is doing in Greece when they dated in England. That is until the he cut off all contact from the her without a word why. She tries to see him but got kicked out in a humiliating fashion. Thankfully, the heroine discovered her birth father who lives in Greece with his wife. They accepted both her and her daughter into their home with love. We learn about the heroine’s past of being shuffled between foster homes and how she has a negative view of the mother who valued her own happiness over her children. Hero pulls her aside and they have a short and cold conversation. I did like that we get to see the hero’s thoughts in all this. Now, we learn he broke up with her because he got a trumped up background check file on the heroine from his father. The hero didn’t believe because his father didn’t approve of the hero being with the wrong girl. He went to confront the heroine and he saw the scene: a blond woman walking out with another man in the same red dress he bought her and then having a quickie in the alley. The scene pretty much tore up the hero and he didn’t press on. I can’t blame him for running from that, it’s heartbreaking to see someone you love betray you like that way. For some reason, the heroine meets with the hero again and reveals the hero is her baby’s father. He demands a paternity test but one look at sweet cherub face is proof enough to the hero that she’s his little angel. Right then, the hero tells her to marry and the heroine not only says yes but falls back into bed with the guy without even confirming why he broke up with her in the first place. They have the wedding where the hero’s father is totally entranced with his new granddaughter. The heroine goes on in her head about how she loves him and they’re in this honeymoon phase till the heroine discovers the false file on her. She confronts the hero and he reveals his own side. The heroine is shocked at the fact he would believe she’s the kind of person who would do it in an alley. She states that it was the friend who wore the dress since they’re the same size. He doesn’t believe her at first and leaves the matter unresolved. This is actually what prompts the heroine to accept the invitation from her newly found half-sister place. During her packing, the hero goes to see the friend and learns it was actually the friend in the dress who married the guy she had the quickie. He rushes back to Greece, only to learn the heroine went with a bunch of diplomat guards to the Sheikh. He rushes to the Kingdom and while he’s rushing, the heroine bonds with her sisters. He stands before the heroine to beg for her forgiveness and he went to see the friend. The man does get down on one knee and it was a pretty decent apology. He confesses his love as does she and we get a happy ending with all three couples.

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