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Their marriage was an empty promise…

The moment Lindsay fell in love with Antonio, a wealthy Greek man, was the moment her tragedy began. After they married, she moved to his country from her humble home in New York, but what greeted her there were the condescending looks of her husband’s brothers and sisters. Soon realizing that her husband was never around and focused only on work, Lindsay went back to New York, unable to stand the loneliness. Half a year after leaving, the husband she hasn’t heard from all this time suddenly appears before her. If she wants him to agree to a divorce, she’ll have to satisfy his demands…

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becky's comment - January 19th, 2020

Despite of being married for a few years, the heroes of this book understand that they know almost nothing about each other. Being so close to divorce they started realizing that they actually can't live without each other...

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Pure love 5  5

i absolutely loved this. we have here a couple who completely love one another, and at no point is there a question about that. however, they're both plagued by secrets. if the heroine's secret is the one that separated them the first time, it's quickly dissolved and remains then the hero's secret, he can't tell anyone because it's not about him. i loved how the couple recognized their shortcomings and tried to work on their marriage as opposed to immediately falling in bed like we usually see. Gread read!

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Best in Communication 5  5

In many of my harlequin reviews, I have brought up the importance of communication. I have now found one of the best representations in communication and non-communication. I loved how the writer and illustrator expressed this through words and pictures. Now, our story begins with the hero going to his six months-estranged wife to push her into coming with him to his mother’s celebration. The heroine is torn because their short 3 month-marriage was harsh but her mother-in-law was one of the kindest people to her. The lack of communication is evident with hurt feelings in play for both hero and heroine. The both of them seem to have trouble with expressing their feelings to each other in words. I liked seeing both of their thoughts because it helps the reader see their struggles in attempt to understand the other. It’s actually thanks to bad dinner with the hero’s rude siblings, which push the heroine into having a panic attack. This is actually the first time the hero sees and learns his wife suffers from social anxiety and where it stems. He finally realizes she was always trying to tell him but he kept blowing her off and how she suffered at huge group parties. He sits her down and learns the full story of how it occurred. This is the first step in communication because the hero learns his material gifts weren’t the answer. Next comes the little steps, they make small talk like the heroine’s work (She’s mathematician who rivals Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory) to the hero’s past from investments to family’s company. We see the hero hesitant to open up entirely to the heroine about his opinion in careers. We also get to listen to the mother who’s a real guide in building a marriage with a workaholic. One her tactics was to lie completely over her husband’s work to get him to stop. She gives the heroine some good advice on how to help the hero who’s hard head like her husband. Next, the hero asks for a second chance at their marriage and the heroine decides to try it. Now, we come upon another problem in the hero’s lack of communication with his family that originates specifically from his father. Apparently, the father made the hero promise never to tell anyone that their company was in debt. That he would have to work alone in order to bring it back. I don’t know why since the younger brother was already working at the company and two heads are better than one. Whatever the reason, the secret caused a serious rift between two loving brothers. The hero can see the trouble the secret is causing but the stupid promise has him holding back. The hero tries to keep the heroine out of the family problem but she does right by saying, “It’s our problem.”. She’s making her stand but the hero is one tough nut to crack. This is a good step forward toward communication. Finally, the heroine opens up to the family about her social anxiety who confess in embarrassment that they thought her quiet nature was her being snobbish over being more smart than them. Apologies are said with familial bonds being made but the hero and his brother’s relationship is so fractured that their mother comments on it. Tragically, the woman dies before the brothers are able to repair it. Then comes the big obstacle when the hero sees a far away job offer for the heroine and lashes out at her. He accuses of leaving him but I loved this scene because she tells him to shut up and listen to her. The heroine calmly tells him that she’s not leaving him and sees him as unhappy. She brings up the idea of being the breadwinner and somehow, the whole thing makes him jump with glee. He makes plans to go to the heroine back to New York and get back into investments. After that, he reveals the secret to the brother who understands the pressure the hero was under. That relationship is mended then the hero goes back with the heroine where they plan to make their life in New York. It’s was definitely one of the best endings and I would seriously recommend this book to rent or buy.

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Loved it! 5  5

Honestly, this book was amazing, and Marito Ai continues to impress me with her amazing art. I've been a fan of her art for the longest time now, and this new book did not disappoint me, artwise or storewise. Anyway, this is a great book I do recommend!

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