Historical Romance THE VIKING'S HEART

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She believed marriage was a trap, but her heart still yearned for love…

“I don’t want to live a life of servitude controlled by my husband.” Rosamund, forced into a political marriage by her father, faked her own kidnapping in order to escape. The man sent after her—a golden-haired, blue-eyed giant named Agravar, a fearsome Viking known for his unparalleled strength and cruelty—takes her back to the castle where he lives. Always looking for another chance to escape, Rosamund unexpectedly finds herself drawn in by his bright smile, his big, warm arms and his lonely soul. Could she be falling for her captor?

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becky's comment - January 22nd, 2020

How does it feel like to be captured by a strong and powerful Viking? Main heroine, Rosamund can share her story!

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Love a viking romance 5  5

This harlequin became one of my favorites. I loved it all and seriously recommend renting or buying. So, it all begins when the heroine stages a kidnapping in order to break free from her tyrannical abusive stepfather’s arranged marriage to another man who might just be like him. However, she’s rescued by her cousin’s family and his big Viking buddy who cared for him when he was sold to the guy’s father by the evil members of their family. The heroine is really distrustful towards the big guy because her whole life has been surrounded by abusive men; yet, his warm manner and their funny interactions changes her opinion. She starts to smile and the both of them slowly start falling for each other. However, they’re also holding back with the heroine’s father’s brainwashing still in her head and the hero’s past of being a bastard child. Being a bastard child means he has no claim or right to have the heroine. Then the whole castle discovers the length of abuse the heroine suffered when one of the stepfather’s lackeys comes by. It’s a stinkin’ priest who blatantly insults the heroine about how she was a bad seed when he whipped the poor woman as a child for enjoyment. What came next is actually one of the best scenes in the story; the hero yanks the priest by the nape of his gown and tosses him out of the window into the moat. The guy is screeching at his “barbaric” way but everyone else is cheering for the hero. The heroine runs off ashamed with the hero running after her. There’s a little fight between two, ending coldly. The next morning, the heroine expects the hero to be cold to her but he doesn’t change. They get closer till the heroine discovers her accomplice has come back to help her escape again. They try again and the hero comes after them only to be hurt. The heroine then is faced with the choice of her freedom or the hero. She chooses to heal the hero, giving up her freedom. This is where the passion flies and they head back to the castle where the evil stepfather is waiting. He has the hero arrested and challenged to a duel. However, the old man is a crook and threatens both hero and heroine if the hero wins then the heroine dies by a couple of thugs. What comes next is really cool because the lady of the castle comes by and encourages the heroine that now is the time to fight for her love. So, the heroine does the unthinkable by going out on the challenge field and reveals the stepfather’s threats. It all puts him in a really bad light and he takes the heroine hostage. The hero kills him of course and the heroine is saved and wants to marry the hero. We come to the end where the hero and heroine are enjoying life with their three kids. It really was a good ending and I enjoyed.

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