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Will the City of Lights reveal these coworkers’ true feelings? 

Alice works as a secretary to a wealthy man named Gabriel. He’s a hard worker and well known for being a playboy. He seems uninterested in Alice, who keeps a low profile. Because of her family situation, she’s been focusing solely on her career. Gabriel is intrigued by the fact that Alice demands her weekend be free of work. He wonders if she has a boyfriend. With a growing interest in each other, they take a business trip to Paris, where they grow much closer than either had expected.

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becky's comment - January 23rd, 2020

Being so different from the other girls, she impressed him by her pureness and plainness.~

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- Lost something at the end 2  2

The characters weren't original - we have the 'doesn't know love' self made millionaire and the plain jane 'hasn't given up on love but can't trust men because of unfaithful dad' secretary who find themselves drawn to each other. It actually starts out quite nicely - SPOILERS WARNING - with a just enough arrogance, hostility, misunderstanding and curiosity to get the ball rolling. Of course, she's the 'break the mold' sort of secretary who is willing to stand up to the boss about what's important to her, can actually get jobs done and ISN'T out to nab the CEO. He, of course, is the bossy, intimidating sort of boss who expects perfection and for his secretary to pick out and send 'get lost' gifts to his girlfriends when they start to expect too much. And, of course, as they get to know each other, the start to be attracted to one another. And then, when a business trip requires she accompany him to Paris and a formal event requires her to dress up, he finds she's not so plain as he thought. Her popularity at the event raises his ire and he's honest enough to admit its jealousy. They leave early and we get the 'I want you; I want you too' BBV (Bed Before Vows). Afterwards he makes changes to his schedule and frees up time to take her around Paris and they have a grand time, but while she is starting to fall in love, he keeps solid walls around his heart. When talking, she'd told him that she wants to meet a guy she can love and make a family with him, and he's made it clear he's not interested in marriage, so after enjoying each other during their week in Paris, the night before they go home she shocks him with 'thanks for the memories; let's end things here' before she can get hurt knowing they still want two different things. He tries to move on to a new girlfriend which just proves to her how little she meant to him, so while he's going to the opera with his new fling, she goes to see her mother. Neither enjoys themselves, and he shows up on her mother's doorstep. Her mother encourages them to spend time together, and while the hero encourages the heroine to 'follow her heart', she can't because the man she loves keeps her locked out of his and won't open up to her. An encounter with the friendly town gossip following up on thirdhand information causes a blow up that ends with her resigning, He accepts without a fight, but it quickly becomes clear at work that he is not fine with it. They try to move on, but miss each other, and he finally comes after her again, ready to lower his walls and prove his love with a proposal, and that's where it ends. He asks. She answers, and that's it. The End. For all the nice pacing and care put into the rest of the story, this end came across as abrupt and incomplete. The story already didn't sit well with me because of the BBV, but the abrupt end just added to that. I'm glad it was a monthly and it won't be staying in my library.

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Boss and secretary romantic love 2  2

The the plot of the story represent romantic love story between the process and secretary secretary explain simple wanted woman... She is a query and oriented woman to focus on hard work but secretly has a crush on your boss when she takes on weekends of the boss is quite interesting what's going on in his life..Cathy Williams was born in the island of Trinidad, the West Indies. She is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had never written anything before (apart from school essays a lifetime ago!) and from the starting point of zero has now fulfilled her ambition to pursue this most enjoyable of careers. She has been writing Mills & Boon romances since 1990. Her hopes are to continue writing romantic fiction and providing those eternal tales of love and romance for which, she feels, we all strive. She derives inspiration from the hot, lazy tropical island of Trinidad, from the peaceful countryside of middle England and of course from her many friends who are a rich source of plots and are particularly garrulous when it comes to describing Mills & Boon heroes. It would seem, from their complaints that tall, dark and charismatic men are way too few and far between . She loves the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, where she lives with her husband and three children, Charlotte, Olivia and Emma and writing is hard pressed to find a moment's free time in between the millions of household chores, not to mention being a one woman taxi service for her daughters better work

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