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Can Tabitha trust his compliments?

Tabitha’s stepmother has told her since she was a little girl that she’s ugly and it’s useless to even try to look pretty…and Tabitha’s always being compared to her pretty stepsister. With her self-esteem in tatters, she’s given up on romance and focused solely on her career as a nurse. But then she meets a doctor from Netherlands—Marius van Been. He’s handsome and competent, calm and kind. Tabitha has fallen for a man for the first time in her life…but it seems he’s dating her stepsister!

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becky's comment - January 24th, 2020

The book reminds of a Cinderella story. Doesn’t matter what other people say or think about you, never lose your dignity!.~

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Ok 3  3

Evelyn Jessy "Betty" Neels was born on 15 September 1909 in Leyton[1] (then part of Essex but now in Greater London) to a family with firm roots in the Civil Service. She spent her childhood and youth in Devonshire. She was sent away to boarding school, and then went on to train as a nurse, gaining her SRN and SCM, that is, State Registered Nurse and State Certificate of Midwifery.Her novels have several recurring themes. The main male and female characters are often brought together by circumstances before love flourishes. The male protagonist is often a Dutch surgeon. The heroine is usually either a Cinderella or a "splendidly built" queen-sized lady. A character will often have an expertise in antiques. Family pets are common. I feel like you to the same Day

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3.5 One of the better Betty Neels 4  4

So, we have the Betty Neels’s Cinderella story with the doctor and nurse all wrapped up with an evil stepmother and evil stepsister. The poor heroine has been abused by her step-mother and step-sister her entire life, from the brainwashing that she’s the ugliest and most useless thing in the world to losing her family’s ancestral home to them. She meets the hero who becomes interested in her. However, she thinks he’s after the step-sister because of the lies of her step-mother told. Of course, what man would like to keep away the woman he’s crushing in order to spend time with another woman? Now, the hero was very likeable except for a few things: too much of a gentleman and too blind to the family complexities. Here are a couple of examples; he’s having a great time dancing with the heroine when the stepsister so rudely shoves them apart, shouting this is her party. He couldn’t really run after the heroine with the extra weight he got but he didn’t push the step-sister away. Next example is when he gets the 411 from a colleague of how heinous the heroine’s stepmother was when he came to visit. The woman couldn’t keep her forked tongue behind her teeth and casted the evil spell about how the heroine is the ugliest person ever right in front of this other guy. That should have been a red light to the hero who needed to try a different angle in winning the heroine other than being nice to the family. He gets the heroine to come with him with a supporting party of people; unfortunately, the Steps invite themselves on the trip. They waste no time in belittling the heroine and pushing her out. The hero tries to spend time with her till the step-sister takes the bullying up a notch by having the heroine left at the cold island. This actually leads to one of my favorite scenes; the step-sister getting scolded by everyone. We usually don’t see that in Betty Neels books. The hero rushes back to the heroine where they have the big reveal. The hero has loved the heroine from the start and was only being nice to the Steps because he thought they would be in-laws. He states he could never love a spoiled and lazy girl (I think this is actually the first time, we’ve ever heard a Neel’s hero speak so negatively about the OW). They come back to find the Steps were chased away by the other members of their party because they spent dinner berating the step-sister for her malicious ways. The hero and heroine go back with happy hearts then the heroine finds out the step-mother sold the family home. The step-mother and step-sister start their bullying again but the hero shuts them up. What happens next is another favorite scene: the hero reveals he bought the house for the heroine. The step-sister bursts into tears of why the heroine is much happier than her when she’s so much more prettier. Yeah, beauty fades with time and with her Grinch-sized heart, she is very ugly. The mother finally reveals her abuse stems from the bitterness of the heroine looking like the first wife and how the father paid more attention to the heroine than to the sister. That in itself was pathetic and poor. In the end, they disappear and probably never heard from again. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she happily says yes. Then we get a very sweet ending. It wasn’t bad by all accounts.

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