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The savior of her failing hotel is a millionaire with seduction on his mind!

When millionaire Benedict del Castillo alighted from the yacht and Mia’s eyes fell on him, she thought her heart was going to stop. She had once made love with him, despite not knowing his name! More recently, she had been happy when a customer wanted to rent out the entirety of her failing hotel for a month, but she’d had no idea it was him. Things are about to get complicated because Benedict doesn’t yet know that Mia gave birth to his son, and she’s about to find out how much Benedict still desires her!

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becky's comment - January 25th, 2020

Benedict del Castillo, a millionaire, thought he would never be able to have his own children because of a terrible car accident. How happy he was when he knew that a girl, he had an affair with before, actually had a son from him!

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It was the right time 4  4

The hero goes to a private spa by recommendation of his new in-law that’s run by her friend. It’s all for him to get away from the paparazzi hyenas but he never expects the owner to be an old flame from years past. For the heroine, it’s a dream turned nightmare. She’s discovered the new client who’s paying the boatload is her son’s birth father. He also reminds her of a dark time in her past but she can’t chase him off because he’s not only injured but in need in help. She gets to the care and he’s right back in seducing her back into his bed. Yet, things change with the hero accidently discovering the son. He can see the family resemblance but confronts the heroine in a gentle manner. It was something that I liked very much. It’s because the hero suffered the permanent damage of being unable to father children. Now, he’s got a child and a chance to be a father. He did worry me a bit with his initial thoughts of take the boy back but he puts it all out of thought when he sees the TLC the heroine gave their son and her past. He learns the heroine suffered a hard loss when her father committed suicide over the largely accumulated debts but he never told his family and let them keep on their luxury lifestyle. This led to the heroine’s rich friends selling the heroine out to tabloids who twisted her into the image of a selfish and greedy woman. Being attacked by the media and the stress of everything else pushed the heroine’s thoughts of finding the hero to inform him of her pregnancy. Plus, she not only miscarried but was in danger of losing her life. She then worked hard to bring up the hotel’s reputation and such. I loved how we get to see the hero’s thoughts as he contemplates how to support the heroine without pushing it too far. Sadly, like sharks and blood, the paparazzi sniff a story worth scandalizing. They ambush the heroine and little boy, but thankfully, the heroine’s true friends save her. It was such a touching moment for the heroine to find there are people who stand beside her against the media. If I was there, I’d have a pumpkin launcher and a paintball gun ready for action. Those hyenas would look like a Picasso painting after I was done with them. However, they waste no time in spouting lies on paper. He does tell the heroine about the family curse and his infertility to the heroine. It’s a lot for the heroine to handle who then gets accosted by paparazzi. Although, I loved how the hero comforted the heroine, how he was going to protect the heroine and son. Yet, what I loved more was how he scared the crud out of those hyenas with the promise of suing them with his family lawyers. They disappear toot-sweet and it gives our couple a chance to have a sit down. They have a honest conversation and confess their love for each other. They have a huge family reunion and the mysterious family heirloom is discovered. In the end, we see the governess pass on happily upon seeing her descendants have fulfilled her wishes.

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