Historical Romance MOONRISE

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Has the biggest playboy of the royal court come for Sarah?

In the seventeenth century, the King of England was worried about a thief who had been striking on the roads. Meanwhile, Sarah, who lived in the remote countryside, was heartbroken by the suffering the king’s ridiculous taxes were causing her village. So heartbroken she had taken matters into her own hands—she was the thief! One day, she was saved from falling off a cliff by an elegant man. He turned out to be Lord Rutledge, an acquaintance of her uncle and a close associate of the king. Sarah assumed he was looking for the thief, so she tried to keep her distance. But luckily he didn’t seem to realize who she was… Rather than taking her into custody, he kissed her and said he wanted to teach her the etiquette of the court!

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becky's comment - January 26th, 2020

Lady of a court, who was willing to sacrifice everything to help simple villagers has tugged at his heartstrings..


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Moonrise 4  4

I kind of like the first part of the history. Probably it will be worth it to add more action before the heroine get caught. After her imprisonment the history kind of loose momentum, and therefore the ending part is not so strong as it could be. After all, gaining merci was suppose to be the primary objective for the heroine survival but is not treated as it such. Overall is a good history

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A bit of a disappointment for me 3  3

I have to say I was kind of disappointed with this medieval harlequin as to what happened. The hero has been sent by his King to find out who’s the bandit that’s been robbing the nobleman in a particular area as well as figure out who’s loyal to him. This is all because there’s still unrest from after his return to the throne in exile. The hero goes and catches the heroine when she falls from the side of a cliff. Her ever-changing attitude surprises the hero who’s one of the court’s well known playboys. He becomes attracted to the heroine but becomes severally jealous with the mysterious OM. So much, he extorts the heroine’s body as an exchange in his help in freeing a priest. He lost major brownie points with me but he quickly discovers his stupidity when he learns he just deflowered the heroine. He tries to get the heroine to accept him but what he says only makes it worse. Of course, he has no idea the woman he just deflowered is the very bandit he’s been looking for. Apparently, the heroine is our feminine Robin Hood against the King’s heavy and ridiculous taxes. The heroine also has a personal grudge against the King for beheading her father and her short imprisonment at London Tower. Next, she’s caught by the hero in her bandit guise and sent away to London Tower. The hero desperately tries to find a way to get her out of there safely. He goes to the King who tells him to marry the heroine since he can see the guy is in love with the heroine. He gets the heroine out and they have a situation of him proving that he loves the heroine. She proclaims she loves him and they happily get married in the end.

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