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She gave him one last chance, and her life changed forever!

Justina can’t believe Dante D’Arezzo had the gall to talk to her! Has he forgotten what he did? Yet Justina’s heart wavers after she is unexpectedly reunited with Dante, an Italian entrepreneur and her ex-fiancé. She still hasn’t healed from his betrayal five years ago, but when he whispers sweetly to her, she’s captivated by his wild eyes. Why is he trying to get involved with her again? Justina decides to spend one last night with him, unable to resist his charms, but it ends up leaving her with a secret she can never tell him…

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becky's comment - January 27th, 2020

After being separated from each other for a few years, they finally understood that they cannot live without each other~

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Confusing in the beginning but it gets better 4  4

The beginning was somewhat clear but also somewhat complex as to what happened between our couple when they were lovers five years ago. There were negative factors that broke up their relationship from the heroine’s packed schedule as a pop star (hero’s schedule was just as packed too) to a majority of the hero’s family being against their relationship. The straw that broke the camel’s back is when the heroine secretly surprised the hero by coming into his hotel room. Only, she was surprised of finding an OW in bed with him. It was very He-She said/did betrayal. Now, in the present when the heroine says the hero betrayed her, he’s confused. Then he says he found another woman AFTER the heroine broke off their engagement. That’s where the hotel incident comes in. She was trying mend things with the hero but it didn’t work out. At the time, the two weren’t ready for a deeper commitment. They meet again five years later at one of the heroine’s friend’s wedding. Raw feelings resurface along with raw passion. They have a one-night stand but it ends pretty coldly. Unexpectedly, the heroine gets pregnant and deals with the paparazzi’s invasive questions. She hides out at a hotel in Singapore with a stellar reputation on keeping the paparazzi away. This is where the hero comes in; thanks to the paparazzi’s lack of privacy, he’s been following the heroine’s pregnancy. He suspects he may be the father but still believes the heroine’s lies about OM. The heroine admits he’s the father, which actually leads us to discover one of the heroine’s qualities/flaws is her self-reliance because it’s a good thing when you’re alone but not when you have a partner or lover. It can be painful for the partner/lover if their other doesn’t rely on them. We can thank the heroine’s mother for that, how she poorly neglected the heroine then and now. The hero insists on the heroine accepting his support. Then he pushes her to come back on his private plane. The whole thing is very unnatural for the heroine and she has a hard time processing it. However, things start progressing forward when the hero rushes into the heroine’s birthing room with his hand ready to be crushed. It was such a sweet scene with three together as well as the hero realizing he still loves the heroine. The next two months consist of the hero commuting from his hotel room to the heroine’s flat. He does what his traditional family men have never done: change a baby’s diaper. Next, they’re invited to the hero’s family home with his mother desperate to meet her first grandbaby. By this time, the heroine sees the hero has changed (matured) since their break-up. They go to Tuscany and are warmly welcomed by the hero’s mother and sister but the hero’s older brother is still rude as ever. During the hero and heroine’s private moments, he admits he used family tradition and customs not to disparage her past career as a singer but in order to keep the heroine close. Then comes the dinner table where things come to light. Older Brother goes on about how the heroine needs to end her career to be a full-time housewife but she contradicts him saying she’s not quitting. The mother supports her but then says her piece of the hero being obligated to marry the heroine. Her words really hurt the heroine who runs from the dinner table. The hero goes after her but not before saying his piece to his rude family members. The hero and heroine talk seriously with the hero stating that he wants to marry her for only her. It’s an emotional moment for the heroine, considering how she’s been unable to rely on even her parents. I really liked it along with it’s love confession. The heroine says yes to his proposal and we fast forward two years. Our family of three are going to musical with the heroine’s songs in it. Throughout the two years, the heroine’s mother has slowly made her way back. I loved the ending and it was a good book to read.

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