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Jeanie’s heart and mind are at war. She knows she must give up on Ward, but her heart won’t obey.

Jeanie had had a crush on Ward, a handsome and talented lawyer, for five years. It was love at first sight for her. But he is still in love with his deceased wife and to him Jeanie is simply a friend. Thirty-two-year-old Jeanie has decided it’s time to get these unreciprocated feelings out of her head. But when Ward approaches her, she weeps at her loss. Ward realizes she is having problems of the heart and wants to be a good friend, but how can she tell him that he is the one she loves?

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The theme of the story is easy: Heroine has one-sided love for hero, the widower. Yet, she’s under the impression that the man is deeply in love with his dead wife. In truth, it’s quite the opposite. Now, the hero and heroine have been co-workers for five years with the crush as explained. They know certain things about each other but not everything. Ironically, the not knowing everything comes as a surprise to the two throughout the book. After the 5-year yearning period, the heroine decides to make a clean break from the hero by resigning from the firm. Then hero sees her in a tear-stained state and asks if it’s a man. She gives a vague summary and the hero starts bashing himself. Next, they have a quick kiss in the elevator and head to the hero’s place for dinner. Just as the heroine is ready to make her permanent departure, fate intervenes. The housekeeper is hospitalized and makes the heroine planner for the hero’s daughter’s birthday party. It gives them a chance to get closer outside of work. I found it funny to watch the hero advise the heroine to give up on her mystery guy then kissing her at random. The party goes off without a hitch. He brings up a no strings attached relationship but she rejects it on the account of wanting love. Next, the heroine heads off to work but the hero drops in on her everyday to strike up conversation. The whole thing throws the heroine into the loop and she seeks guidance from her sisters. They advise to do the thing she already decided to do. On Monday, she drops off her resignation and the hero finds out. He waits in the heroine’s office to find out why she’s leaving. He can’t get much of an answer from her and he decides to take action on his own. He takes the heroine out to dinners, museums, and plays. He even publicly announces their dates at work as well as taking them on excursions with the little girl. Then he shows how much he trusts the heroine when he talks about the inner details of his marriage. He married the little girl’s mother because she was beautiful and got pregnant with his child. It was only after their marriage that he truly saw her for what she was. She never cared for their daughter and left her in the car during her affairs with other men. Then the accident that killed the wife revealed the horrible truth; he wasn’t the little girl’s biological father. It was frightening to the poor man because he sees himself as the little girl’s father. It’s a secret he kept to himself till now. The heroine reassures him that the two are father and child. Next morning is valentine’s day and the hero surprises the heroine by filling her office with flowers and cards. Right after she opens the door to her own flower shop, he appears from behind and proposes marriage to the heroine. She in turn reveals the man she’s been in love is the hero who is shocked and happy over the news. They go forward with wedding planning. It was quite a cute ending.

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