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What’s the difference between mere affection and love? Which one do they share?

Emma is beautiful and sophisticated, but she lives a simple and solitary life. Finding her to be an ideal woman, Jason decided to visit her at the candy store she runs and propose to her out of the blue. It turned out Emma had just been betrayed by her former fiancé. So Jason abandoned his sophisticated city life to open a private medical practice in the countryside, where he can spend time with each patient and enjoy a relaxing life. However, Emma wasn’t the traditional woman Jason thought she was, and their relationship took an unexpected turn.

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becky's comment - May 8th, 2020

The hero is very straightforward and determined in terms of pursuing love. It's good to see that the heroine finally managed to get over her ex boyfriend and fell for him.

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Cinderella heiress 5  5

Two main characters nurture little by little their relationship. Love the drawings, as always , JET translate characters emotions so clearly !!!

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3.5 Convenience to passion 4  4

The hero is a city doctor who’s settled down in a small town after his break-up from his horrendous Ex. In a matter of months, he’s grown close to his small clientele, which leads him to his introduction with the heroine. Now, he decides to propose marriage to her because she fits his image of an ideal wife. It doesn’t matter that she’s not over her ex-fiancée who’s literally a piece of crud. He cheated on her before and during their engagement (even got one girl pregnant). The heroine did end the engagement herself but she still hasn’t moved on. The hero still goes to the heroine and proposes a loveless marriage. The heroine refuses but they come to an agreement of waiting before she gives him an answer. The hero agrees since this will give him time to proof he’s the better option. In a month’s timespan, they build a bond over meals and conversations. The hero opens up why he settled in town; he was dating a beautiful doctor till she revealed her true colors in the worst way. She was placed in charge of a sick boy but she didn’t take his condition seriously until after he died. Then she sued the parents with a voice recorder, placing herself as a victim of gender discrimination when all she really cared about was the promotion she lost thanks to the boy’s death. Her attitude disgusted the hero and he left. The story does help make a connection since the hero and heroine loved ugly people. As the weeks pass, the two find more things in common that causes them to fall for the real person. Then we learn the heroine didn’t give everything to the Ex, which was a blessing. Finally, the heroine gives her answer to the hero: yes. Both are happy and arrange to be married within the month. Although, a lot can happen in a month. It turns out both face a past encounter and take the same wrong approach. The hero gets a call from his brother’s phone but it turns out to be the ex. She tells him his brother is recovering at his hospital and he rushes off to rescue the guy. She tries to seduce the guy, even initiating coitus in the same room as his unconscious brother. She saw it as kinky but he saw it as revolting. He rejects the woman and takes his brother to another hospital. The only mistake he does is not tell the heroine what happened as an effort to protect her. The heroine does the same when her Ex makes an unwanted appearance but she does the same as the hero However, it never goes well. After their wedding, the seemingly go well till the heroine’s Ex makes another appearance. This sparks a fight between our couple who kept secrets and they separate for a bit. However, the hero goes to talk to the heroine and finds the Ex forcing himself on the heroine for her aunt’s money. The guy tries to scare the hero off with his knife but the hero grew up in the slums and knows how to knock a man down with one punch. Bad Ex runs off with his tail between his legs. Our couple get back together and it’s a happy ending with the two expecting their first child.

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