Historical Romance THE BRIDE'S PORTION

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She’s completely at his mercy, and yet she’s falling for him…

This is the last part of the wedding ceremony. Remove your clothes. Ordered not to resist the fierce knight Alexander, Lillis’s pure body begins to tremble. She is the daughter of a lord, and she’d only recently left the monastery where she had lived. She was making the journey home when she was attacked. She was told by Alexander that in order to avoid war, she must become his bride for the sake of the people…but she doesn’t know what true sadness is yet. Not only does she foolishly fall in love with the cold-hearted knight, an even more painful reality is coming to pierce her right through the heart!

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The whole storyline was smooth if not a little flat. The heroine is returning from her banishment of the monastery (I think it was a nunnery because monastery are for men and they wouldn’t send a girl there) to her father’s land. Why did he send her? Well, it was after her mother’s death and the rest will be revealed as well as theorized towards the end. Now, she’s captured by the hero’s younger brothers and taken to their castle. When the hero learns of her true identity, he proposes a bargain: she marry him in order to end the fights between her father and him. The heroine does refuses but upon learning how badly things have escalated, she agrees to the contract marriage. They both get married, despite having betroths themselves (hero’s ex-bride attended the wedding). I did like the hero was a patient man on the consummating the marriage bit. He pull the old blood on the sheets trick and waited for the heroine to be ready. The heroine settles in easily into the castle life, earning the love and trust of her new sister-in-law and brothers-in-law. They even defend her when some false assumptions are made. As time passes, the two observe each other, seeing the good qualities they possess. They start communicating that makes their bond stronger. It finally reaches to the point where they become intimate. Then the heroine’s ex-betrothed arrives, bringing the sad news of the heroine’s father’s death. During this sad moment, the heroine’s ex-betrothed runs into the hero’s ex-betrothed. It turns out they have the hots for each other. Then the hero and Heroine’s ex meet to discuss and finally learn there might be a third party who trying to get them to destroy each other. They come to an agreement on the heroine’s ex’s condition that he marry the hero’s ex. Then the third party reveals itself as the hero’s cousin when he plants the discord seed in the heroine about the hero. She leaves for her father’s funeral but during this time, the hero is kidnapped and forced to drink poison by his cousin. The cousin goes after the heroine and in his arrogance reveals his dastardly plan. The man even confesses to murdering the heroine’s father as well as the stunning truth that the hero’s younger twin brothers are the heroine’s half-brothers. Just as he’s about to push the heroine over the wall, the twins and hero save the day. He reveals the cousin’s sister (who’s the ex) switched bottles. The cousin dies and things are cleared up. Our group gets the full story from the heroine’s aunt: both protagonist’s fathers were in love with the heroine’s mother but she chose the heroine’s father. Later, the heroine’s mother and hero’s father met one night and according to the woman, they made a terribly mistake. However, nobody knows what exactly happened. This led the heroine’s father and hero’s mother to take comfort in each other’s arms. The hero’s mother got pregnant with the twins and the heroine’s mother committed suicide. She was unable to live with the husband’s belief that she cheated on him. Her death destroyed the heroine’s father and what scrap of a friendship he had with the hero’s father. With all the mystery surrounding it, the sad truth remains that the heroine and her father never got a chance to reconcile. The hero and heroine confess their love with the betroths adding in plan to marry ASAP. All in all, it was a fairly nice story.

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