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His accusations are baseless, but his kisses are the real thing!

Angelique is a popular designer. She was born into a wealthy family with her twin sister, Trella, and her twin brothers. Because of their fame and beauty, the family is constantly in the tabloids and followed by groundless rumors—in them Angelique is portrayed as a promiscuous celebrity. One day, an Arabian prince visits her and falsely accuses her of being his sister’s groom’s mistress. She tries to prove him wrong, but before she can, he kisses her. As much as she tries to resist the dazzling desert prince, she can’t seem to forget the passionate sensation of his lips on hers…

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It goes back and forth 3  3

I have to confess, I kept mixing up the heroine and her sister. I just don’t know why but it happened. So, how the hero and heroine meet is because father and hero suspect the heroine is his future-brother-in-law’s mistress. This is all because she’s making the wedding dress for free. The truth is, the heroine wants to repay the man for saving her sister who was kidnapped as a child. The whole thing is hush hush for what little privacy the heroine’s family gets as a noble and rich family. The paparazzi make it a daily habit to exaggerate everything about the heroine like she’s some promiscuous woman when it’s the opposite. Frankly, I’m surprised the guy was using paparazzi rags as his source of information when he knows first and foremost how the paparazzi like to twist things. The job is not only a way for them to pay back the friend but also a way to help the sister overcome her trauma from the kidnapping. The poor woman trapped herself behind doors for years and is only recently rehabilitating to go outside. From there, they meet again and learn more about each other. The heroine learns about the hero’s fiancée and hero sees the heroine always trying to be the strong twin. They enter a physical relationship, even with the knowledge of a fiancée. They open up to each other about their families; hero’s family is quite dysfunctional. The hero’s father has two wives but he showed favoritism towards the sister’s mother. So, his mother snuck birth control into her food for years till the father discovered and he was ticked. Frankly, with all we hear and see about the man, I’m surprised he didn’t banish the woman. Then she would publicly humiliate the second wife and the son she had. The dictator father tried to mold the brother in his cold image but the pressure was too much. The brother dies and it was a painful for the hero. Sadly, the media come sniffing around the wrong sister and smear the heroine’s name. Once the heroine explains the whole thing, the hero believes her. Unfortunately, she gets barred from attending the wedding by the hero’s father because of the paparazzi as well as the hero’s fiancée going to be there. His words make the heroine realize she’s the mistress and to add salt on the wounds, he gives her a jeweled necklace. Now, the heroine has no idea of the sentimentality in the necklace that the was the last thing the hero’s brother gave to him as a future gift for his queen before his death. However, the hero is a fool for not thinking the message of when you give woman you’re having coitus with jewelry. She leaves the hero but no before confessing her love for him. Thankfully, she’s got a sister to comfort her and give her advice. Then she gets a real surprise: the hero’s brother returns from the grave. Apparently, the brother and him faked his death because his father’s allies would have killed him for being gay. I mean his father already killed his lover. Right now, the guy is taking a major risk in order to give the heroine a gift for his sister. During their meeting, the hero meets with his fiancée who’s only 18. Thankfully, the man insists she finishes her education to delay their wedding. He finds out the sisters are there for the wedding but the twin keeps him from taking the heroine back to the airport. The sister really wails on the guy and annoys him to no end. The hero does meet the heroine who gives him the brother’s gift and then he whisks her off to the desert where they have coitus again. It’s a conversation that ends poorly with the hero realizing if he wants the heroine to be happy then he needs to make some big changes. Then on the wedding day, the king collapses and the wedding is canceled. A few days later, he dies and the hero appears at the heroine’s place. He tells her the brother’s gift proved to his mother and sister that he was still alive. Apparently, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back because mother went to demand a divorce to the father. The hero blames himself along with the mother about the loss. Then the hero confesses his feelings for the heroine as well as asking her to marry him. He shows it by revealing the meaning behind the necklace she rejected the first time. It wasn’t too bad of an ending.

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