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Their love will only bloom when she can free him from his pain.

Babysitter Dannie sets out with her young charges to spend time with their uncle Joshua while the kids’ parents are on holiday. Joshua is the famous CEO of a globally renowned company…and he’s a playboy. Strong-willed Dannie initially resists his temptation with a single smile—but resisting soon becomes tougher. It isn’t because of his appeal as the sexiest bachelor in the world. It’s because she learns of his determination to overcome a deep sadness that’s been holding him back…

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+Honestly, one of the best I've ever read! 5  5

SPOILERS INCLUDED: This has to be one of the best Harlequin I ever read. If you're one of those that likes the convoluted drama of OM /OW /manipulating families/ relationship wrecking misunderstandings and such, this one might not be for you, but if you like a straight forward romance of a man and a woman being thrown together by circumstances and developing a strong, lasting bond, then you should like this one. And best yet, this bond is not based on BBV (Bed Before Vows). Even better, the heroine knows WHY she doesn't want a marriage starting with BBV, and the hero, in spite of having been a playboy, respects/ loves her enough to honor her it! (I wonder if there is a story out there where the desire to wait is two-sided?. It’d be nice if the hero weren’t always playboys. Contrary to Harlequin opinion, guys CAN control themselves) This is a marriage with a high likelihood of success, even based on RL statistics! We need more romances like this. I had a chance to read this elsewhere once, and when it popped up on my radar again I didn't hesitate to buy my very own copy. That’s how much I appreciated it. My next goal is to see if the novel is as good as the adaption. So what brings these two together? We have a strong, moral heroine who is the hired nanny of the hero's sister. She's flying in with his niece and nephew who are to stay with him while their parents enjoy a long due vacation on the hero's bill… a show of appreciation by a grateful hero to his loving sister who took care of him after their parents died. A mix up with the pick-up has the heroine at odds with the hero (the owner of a chain of high end adult only resorts), initially, but it gets straightened out. But its not just that his resorts are adult only. Its not long before the heroine also starts getting a strong ‘not comfortable with children' vibe from the hero. Its only reinforced by the fact that he's arranged for the kids to stay at a kid's resort and not with him, but at the last minute he changes his plans. Acquiring piece of property he wants has stalled because it’s a family friendly setup and they aren’t convinced he’s the best buyer for the property. They are absolutely right, but he’s going to use the kids to trick them into thinking he’s family oriented, then tear it all down to build a high end hunting resort. When the heroine finds out about his plan, she sets out to show him how wrong he is by coercing him into taking his niece on some of the kid friendly amusements at the resort. He recognizes how unique it is, but there is a reason he does adult only resorts. On their final day, the resort owners offer to watch the kids while the hero and heroine check out things more adult oriented. The pair go canoeing to check out the ‘honeymoon' cabin on an island in the middle of the lake. Discussing marriage the heroine shares her dreams for marriage and her desire to build a chaste relationship first so she didn’t end up “confusing physical needs with love,” and the hero says he understands. Further discussion is cut short by a sudden mountain storm and we get the standard ‘I never met a woman like her before’ when she actually jumps into the freezing lake water to help him save the canoe, after which they are forced to stay the night together in the honeymoon cabin. Despite her intent to wait, she does end up getting tempted, but it’s the hero who doesn’t let it continue (See? It’s possible for a even a Harlequin male to not be controlled by their hormones, even when tempted!). As discussions continue, the hero reveals a secret event from his past that has left him scarred (although considering the depth of his ‘scar' I really wonder why he continued to be a playboy). The heroine encourages him and helps him see things in a new light (as he does likewise does for her), and by the time they leave he has had a change of heart regarding the resort. He comes clean with the owners and then finds out there is a reason they are need to sell. That starts a whole new round of negotiations, and with vacations over everyone returns to where they came from to do what they need to do. When they meet again three months later, both have taken steps forward, and he's ready to face his past. She goes with him, and afterwards he purposes saying he's ready to accept her conditions of waiting until marriage. When she admits to being tempted, he says they will endure it together, and they do, having their wedding a year later. We get a happy epilogue four years later at the family resort and see his past has become a part of their future. It was a really good story, and the art only made it better. It was well worth the purchase!

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