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He rude, he’s boastful and she can’t keep her eyes off him!

On her way to her mother’s fifth wedding, Devon runs into the groom’s son, Jared. He’s rude, boastful and opposed to the wedding. He makes a horrible first impression on Devon, yet one touch from him is all it takes to make her breath catch. For some reason, she can’t keep her eyes off him. When Jared invites Devon to dance, it marks the beginning of a cruel game, and both will have to live with the consequences.

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Romance...? When? Where? 2  2

SPOILERS INCLUDED: JAB covered the summary, so I'll just tack on an opinion and say I think the foster kids might possibly be a translation error. They might have meant that she 'sponsors kids'. There are organizations out there, Compassion International is one example, that will let you support a child in a financially challenged country through a monthly donation. They build schools where the kids get fed, learn hygiene, get an education and do things that assist the families and give the kids a chance to get out of their current circumstances and, hopefully, become community leaders that can help others. You can send additional money to provide for gifts on birthdays and holidays if you like, and you exchange letters with your child for as long as you sponsor them, which can be years depending on their age when you started. Some sponsors get really close to the child and will go visit them. I say this because there is no way, with her globe hopping career, that she could be fostering, so that’s why I suspect they meant 'sponsoring’. That said, the book starts out with some spontaneous BBV (Bed Before Vows) the first day they meet and it's followed by more BBV, and then, of course, an unexpected pregnancy coerced marriage. Previous to this you can see some attraction in spite of their abrasive attitudes to one another, and I could see them possibly getting closer if the interactions were longer or more frequent (maybe the novel has that), but he puts an end to that by very deliberately verbally “stabbing” her in the heart and leaving after a night of revengeful BBV. Then the pregnancy sets things back way past square one. He can't let go of the 'gold digger' label he's assigned her and I was never quite sure why our lawyer heroine didn't just offer to accept a 'get nothing' prenup to ease his mind. Instead, she argues she wasn’t after money without being heard and just submits to all his orders and plans. She's said “I love you,” but he's not buying it, and every chance he gets, he is carving another hateful slice off her. Honesty, considering all that this animosity, I really can’t figure out where love came from to begin with. And then, after forcing her to relocate to his home, he leaves her for a month. He’s not scheduled to be back until the wedding. Of course that's when the OW shows up to try and drive a wedge between them, and despite the heroine’s keen lawyer mind seeing through the possible fallacies to the OW's story, she still lets it get to her and runs away leaving a ‘goodbye forever’ note . THAT'S when the hero suddenly decides he doesn’t hate her after all, dumps his business responsibilities on his VP and flies across the country to go after her. And this disappointed me. Despite her being an internationally savvy lawyer with a head start and an intent to disappear, he finds her immediately. That just didn’t make sense, and it was disappointing. I wanted him to have to search for her. I wanted it to cost him time, money and angst. I wanted him to find her looking like he’d actually suffered a bit thinking his rotten behavior might have cost him her and his child both. But we don’t get any regret, angst or even apologies despite him knowing how much he hurt her. Instead we finally get a real proposal with an ‘I love you’, we get him calling the OW a liar, and we get him convincing her by saying he will put her over work and be a doting husband from now on and she accepts. That’s pretty much it. The final panel is their kiss of reconciliation, and below that a cute little family threesome to prove he carried through, and I’m left still wondering just where the romance part of the story was. I liked the art, but I’m glad it was a monthly and that its not staying on my bookshelf.

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It didn't quite make the mark 3  3

The hero and heroine become step-siblings in their late twenties but their first impressions are anything but pleasant. The hero believes the heroine and her mother are gold-diggers. He goes from attempting to bribe the mother to leave the father but she refused. Then he starts on the heroine with the gold digging accusations. I really couldn’t see how the heroine could be a gold digger when she’s an oil company’s lawyer; she’s done well for herself. Our main couple taunt each other but their shared love for horses leads to a one night stand. However, the next morning, the heroine panics and leaves with the hero feeling used. So, he gets revenge by seducing the heroine back into his arms till she declares her love for him. Then he reveals it was all for revenge. The heroine is heartbroken with the hero feeling the same, he just doesn’t realize it yet. Next, she discovers she’s pregnant and has a hard time keeping morning sickness under control. They meet again at the father’s birthday party with their dates. During this time, the hero actually defends the heroine from her mother about how her marriages have made a negative impact on the heroine. Next, the hero and heroine meet on a horse ride where the heroine reveals her pregnancy to the hero. I was glad she told him herself but the whole thing goes sour. The hero accuses the heroine of trapping him and insist they marry, despite the heroine refuses the idea. The heroine only goes for the loveless marriage after listing her own conditions like no infidelity. Another thing they brought up really irked me: foster kids. The heroine stated she had foster kids of her own from all over the world but we don’t know where exactly they’re living or what happens to them in the end. In fact, the hero seems to go deaf when the heroine brings up her foster kids with him for the first time. He blocks out a lot of things the heroine says. So, it’s no wonder she goes on the word of his Ex that they’re still together after the wedding contract. She even gives the heroine photos as evidence. The heroine leaves but the hero’s staff warns the guy of the woman’s departure. He goes after her, giving up on an important business deal. By then, he’s already learned about the other kids from a family member. He quickly finds the heroine where he confesses his love and re-proposes to her again. She accepts it and we get an ending with the three of them together but we don’t see the other four foster kids in the picture. It leaves you to wonder, what happened to them?

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