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Why has Philip come back to her now when he hurt her so terribly before?

Lisi works at a real estate company just outside London. Four years ago, she slept with Philip Caprice, whom she secretly admired, and he heartlessly dumped her the very same night. After years apart, Philip suddenly visits Lisi and tries to reconcile with her, which makes no sense given their bitter history. And Lisi has a secret to keep—Philip is the father of her son!

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Such bad story line 2  2

What a mess... It could have been better tho. But i don't hate it. It was just okay

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Titter-Totter 2  2

The whole storyline gave me mixed feelings. To start off, I’m not fond of the title since it was only a one-night stand and the heroine had no idea of the hero’s martial status. This actually leads me to my next problem: the hero’s ring finger. When we backtrack to the hero and heroine’s little polite meetings and small exchanges of friendly conversations, his ring finger is bare. Why was his wedding ring off in the first place when he was a man who spent everyday for years beside his comatose wife’s bedside? People observe each other just for the sake of learning about the person. The heroine would have noticed the ring because she worked with the hero countless number of time but it’s not there. Next, we come to, “The night” and it begins with the hero being a gentleman of taking drunk heroine home and putting her to bed. Only he comes back to find the drunk woman sleeping naked. Now, the smart response would be to keep quiet and close the door. Instead, the hero makes a fuss and causes the heroine to feel embarrassed but the sight of her body and his depression from watching his wife sleep despite his prayers and hopes she would awake push him into temptation. After they’re done, he instantly leaves with the words, “I’m married,”. The poor heroine is left behind to cry her eyes out. I try to be understanding to the hero in his weakness after years of pain and broken hope of ever seeing his wife reawaken again. Yet, in my opinion, what happened here wasn’t right because even if you’re wife is comatose, you shouldn’t sleep around. Plus, you don’t ever have coitus with a person who’s halfway drunk. I liked that the hero instantly stopped instead of dragging it on like, “Last Grand Passion”. Then, hero’s wife’s condition takes a turn for the worse and he deems it Karma for his infidelity. She dies and he almost does till his best friend takes him on a self-healing journey. Four years pass and after the best friend gets married, the hero is ready to go home and atone for his sin to the heroine. He finds her again and their reunion is cold one . The hero can’t seem to construct the right words, I mean he goes with, “men you’ve slept with” and “I missed you”. He just needs her to come to dinner where he’ll start with his atonement speech but he can’t stop himself from forcing a kiss on her and leaving with the promise of coming back. Did the man suffer amnesia on what his last words were to the heroine??? The poor heroine is at a loss of what to do because her baby daddy is back!! Her married baby daddy who has no idea about their son but he finds out the next day when he surprises her at her house. Of course, he makes the usual accusations before asking the important question. I couldn’t really believe the hero hoped he was her only “man” when he gave her such a horrible memory of their first night. The heroine tells the truth and he says a lot of the wrong things. When the two are finally alone, the heroine gives it to him straight as to why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant since his last words were the “I’m married”. Apparently, he did forget because he looked sick and reveals about his wife’s passing (not the comatose state). Next, the hero decides to move into town to be closer to son. The heroine doesn’t take it so well when she learns he’s moving into her old home. He goes on about how he wants to be part of his son’s life. However, when the renovations are done & they reveal his identity to the son , he seemingly backs out He opens up about everything, even confesses his love for her. Now, his guilt is overwhelming him into believing he can’t be forgiven for his infidelity. Despite, the heroine’s attempts to comfort and reassure him, he runs away. Now, I couldn’t like the heroine on this part because she is ready to let her son go live with a man who shows signs of depression for loving him. Imagine how that little boy is going to take it. Thankfully, the hero’s best buddy is there to give him the heavy shove to run back to the heroine. He goes on about how the first wife wouldn’t hold it against him for finding happiness if she was the wonderful woman he described. He runs back to the heroine with the words, “Won’t you come to my bed tonight?” Probably, his atonement for her bad night. We skip to the wedding and the hero stating his love for the heroine. By the end, it just wasn’t for me.

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